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Freezing Blizzard (Cold Blizzard in Joker and Joker 2, Frigid Blizzard in Tact prior to the 2.0 update) is a recurring breath ability in the Dragon Quest series.


Emits a chafingly chilly breath attack on all enemies for 120~140 damage in all titles after V, wherein it dealt only 50~60 damage.


Dragon Quest III Remakes[]

Only appearing in the remakes, it is used by Zoma, Xenlon, and Baramonsters in battle.

Dragon Quest IV Remakes[]

Only appearing in the remakes, it is used by Testudogres, Croaked kings, and Seasaurs in battle.

Dragon Quest V[]

Making its debut, Freezing Blizzard is learned by monster companions and does not cost MP to use.

Name Level
Snowbird --
Great dragon 15
Chimaera 22
Powie yowie 22
Samigina 27
Blizzybody 30
Man o' war 80

It is also used by Snowbirds, Blizzybodies, Dragon zombies, Drakensteins, and Kon the Knight in battle.

Dragon Quest VI[]

In the DS remake, Freezing Blizzard is learned by Shelley at level 35. In the Super Famicom game, Mecky learns the ability at level 30. Other characters can obtain this technique by advancing to rank 6 of the Dragon vocation. It is also used by Aggrosculptures, Pudgedevils, Dreadstaffs, Demon overlords, and Mortamor's final form in battle against their enemies.

Dragon Quest VII[]

Freezing Blizzard can be learned by advancing to Rank 5 of the Gigalumph vocation, Rank 4 of the Ersatz Estark vocation, and by mastering the Seasaur vocation. It is also used by Testudogres, Croaked kings, Seasaurs, Grotwyrms, Fright knights, Master moosifers, and Orgodemir in battle. In the 3DS remake, it is used by Impostirs and Boarticulturists.

Dragon Quest VIII[]

Munchie can use Freezing Blizzard after eating Cold Cheese. In addition, it is also used by Hellspawns, Silhouettes,Evil Sir Leopold, Rhapthorne in both phases, and the Ultimate Dragon in battle against the party.

Dragon Quest IX[]

An enemy only skill in this entry, it is used by Cumulus hexes, Corvus, Nodoph, and Rover, as well as Fright knights, Aggrosculptures, and Orgodemir once again in battle.

Dragon Quest X[]

Freezing Blizzard is learned by recruited Imps when one invests 7 skill points into their Snowstorm Breath Knowledge skill tree. It costs 7 MP to use, and is also used by Skelegons, Freezing fogs, Shadows, Chillanodons, Drag racers, Dragstars, Nail blighters, Grim grinners, Drake slimes, Dragon slimes, Metal dragon slimes, Escudogres, Sculpture vultures, Li'l whizzers, Elder dragons, Iron maidens, Twisticiders, Salamarauders, Small fries gone Vicious, Balzack, Pazuzu, Wave dragon, Death Soldier Gatarian, and Water evil katva, as well as Snowbirds, Zoma, and Corvus once again.

Dragon Quest XI[]

Now an enemy only skill once again, it is used by Boreal serpents, Terrornodons, Steel sirens, Dragon zombies, Dragooners, Hellriders, the Pilferpithecus, as well as Metal Dragon Slimes, Chillanodons gone Malicious, Dragon Slimes and Iron Maidens gone Vicious once again.

Dragon Quest of the Stars[]

Acting the same as in previous appearances, It is used by Xenlon and various other monsters.

Dragon Quest Tact[]

Learned by Sculpture Vultures at level 21, Dragon slimes at level 46, Boreal serpents and the Trap box at level 42, it damages all enemies in range and costs 57 MP to use. A scroll of this ability can be obtained at the Swap Shop for 6 Santa Krystalinda Decorations and by clearing Stage 7 of Bobonga and Old flame's Battle Roads.

Dragon Quest Treasures[]

Acting the same as in previous appearances once again it is learned by Shadows, Wight princes, Ham shamwitches, Silver sabrecats, Valhalla vultures, and Icy draglings at level 22, costing 7 MP to use for the first time since X.

Other languages[]

Other languages
French Souffle de givre
German Eissturm (VI)
Frostiger Odem (J)
Kältesturm (VII,HII,TR)
Spanish Tormenta heladora
Dutch Unknown
Norwegian Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Korean Unknown

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