Freezing Blizzard is a recurring breath ability in the Dragon Quest series. It emits a chafingly chilly breath attack on all enemies for 120~140 damage in all titles after V, wherein it dealt only 50~60 damage.


Dragon Quest III Remakes

Dragon Quest IV

Dragon Quest V

Freezing Blizzard is learned by monster companions and does not cost MP to use.

Name Level
Snowbird --
Great dragon 15
Chimaera 22
Powie yowie 22
Samigina 27
Blizzybody 30
Man o' war 80

Dragon Quest VI

In the DS remake, Freezing Blizzard is learned by Shelley at level 35. In the Super Famicom game, Mecky learns the ability at level 30. Other characters can obtain this technique by advancing to rank 6 of the Dragon vocation.

Dragon Quest VII

Dragon Quest VIII

Munchie can use freezing blizzard after eating the right cheese. In addition, Rhapthorne and other monsters can use it against the party.

Dragon Quest IX

Dragon Quest X

Dragon Quest XI

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