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Fuddle is a spell in the Dragon Quest series. Enemies affected by it are trapped in an altered state of mind, viewing enemies as friend, vice-versa, and even causing them to strike themselves when they aren't staring into empty space.


Dragon Quest III

Mages and Sages will learn Fuddle at level 27. The spell targets only a single enemy, somewhat limiting it's usefulness compared to Snooze and Dazzle. If a party member is afflicted by the spell, they can be snapped out of it by striking them; this safety feature is limited to DQIII, however.

Dragon Quest IV

Fuddle is learned by Borya at level 30, and has the same range as before. The spell is more useful than in III however, as only a handful of enemies have an immunity--even into the final areas and bonus dungeon.

Dragon Quest V

Fuddle becomes much more useful in V, targeting a group of enemies and setting the standard for future titles. Because it is learned by the Slime recruit at level 22, it is very easy for even casual players to acquire. Other characters and monsters that can learn the spell are Sancho, Debora, and the goodybag, pocus poppet, jailcat, grudgerigar, minidemon, ghost, and chimera.

Dragon Quest VI

Fuddle is learned by Ashlynn at level 18, while other characters can learn it by advancing to rank 4 of the Mage vocation.

Dragon Quest VII

Fuddle is very scarce in the seventh game, only being learned by reaching rank 6 of the goodybag vocation.

Dragon Quest VIII

Jessica learns this spell after investing 26 points into her "Sex Appeal" skill and costs 5 mp. It, along with the newly added Kafuddle is the most reliable status ailment in the post-game bonus dungeon, where nearly every monster is immune to Dazzle and Kasnooze.

Dragon Quest IX

Fuddle is learned by Mages at level 19 and Armamentalists at level 20. It costs 5 MP to cast with a base accuracy of 50%, and will become more accurate once the caster's magical might surpasses 50. Once the value reaches 999, the spell will be accurate 100% barring enemy resistance.

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