Fuddle Dance is a recurring ability in the Dragon Quest series.


A dance that attempts to confuse an enemy group. Because the dance costs no MP, it uses a weaker accuracy table than its spell equivalent, having a range of 50%, 25%, 10%, 0% depending on the target's resistance. It will still keep the afflicted bewildered for 6~9 turns, however.


Dragon Quest IV

Fuddle Dance is used by Foo Yung in the remakes. This is an incredibly dangerous as it targets the entire party instead of just one character like the spell.

Dragon Quest VI

Fuddle Dance is learned by advancing to rank 4 of the Dancer vocation, and level 5 for recruited Sluggernauts, though only in the SNES version. It is also used by the Grrrgoyle, Cutterflies, and the First Trial in battle.

Dragon Quest VII

Fuddle Dance is once again learned in the Dancer vocation, but one must advance to rank 7 of said vocation. In addition, Aishe has the skill by the time she joins the party, and is also used by Monarchaeopteryxs, Oligarchaeopteryxs, Trickstars, and Discombombulators in battle.

Dragon Quest VIII

An enemy only skill, it is used by Tap devils and Night foxes in battle.

Dragon Quest IX

Once again an enemy only skill, it is used by the Bloody manguinis in battle.

Dragon Quest X

Still an enemy only skill, it is used by Healium balloons, Bags o' sweets, Pumpkin kids, Twisted torches, Sconstrosities, and Sluggernauts for their first time as enemies, as well as Tap Devils, Discombombulators, and Trickstars once again and bosses who have a higher success rate than the monsters. Players can learn a similar skill in the Dancer vocation from Version 3 onwards.

Dragon Quest XI

Sylvando can learn this skill through his Showmanship skill panel. In addition, the dance now targets all enemies when used by him. Tap Devils and Bags o' Sweets once again use this skill against their enemies.

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