The Fun-Size Forge is an item introduced in Dragon Quest XI that allows the player to create new items and refine existing ones. It effectively replaces the Alchemy Pot of previous games. The party is able to use the forge at the various campsites located across Erdrea. It is given to the Hero by Erik the first time they encounter a campsite at the Manglegrove.


Whenever the party stays at a campsite, the player will have to the option to use the Forge. Much like with Alchemy, ingredients for the forge can be found all over the world, such as by mining from large blue crystals, knocking fruit and lumber out of trees, and other items that can be dropped by monsters. A minigame will be prompted if the player wants to make a new item or reform an existing item. When the process starts, an item roughly in the shape of the desired item will appear and the player will have to bash with a hammer until the item is ready. A gauge will appear on each section of the item and the player will have to bash a number of times on each section for the item to be completed.

As the Hero levels up, he will learn special techniques known as Flourishes that will help the forging process in various ways, such as striking at a section with half strength or the ability to strike at multiple sections with a single strike.

If the player succeeds at creating something in the forge, they will receive an item called perfectionist's pearl, which is necessary for refining items. The number of pearls received is dependent on how well the player performed in the creation minigame and the number of perfectionist's pearls needed to refine an item increases depending on the complexity of the item. Perfectionist's pearls can also be found in some treasure chests and are purchasable from certain shops later in the game. Refining an item will increase its attributes, such as the attack of a weapon or the defence of a piece of armor, up to a maximum of +3.

It is also possible to fail at making an item in the forge, but the item will still be made at the end of the minigame; it simply means that the item will be of standard quality and no perfectionist's pearls will be earned.

One of the main differences that sets apart the Fun-Size Forge from the Alchemy Pot is that an item's recipe must first be found in order for it to be crafted. Recipes for items are found much in the same way as previous games, including by reading books from various bookcases around the world, treasure chests, and after completing quests.

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