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A Fygg is a special item that is tied greatly to the setting of Dragon Quest IX.


A fygg is the fruit that the Yggdrasil Tree bears upon receiving some amount of Benevolessence. Fyggs have the power to make the dreams of those who eat them come true, but the wish is rarely granted in the way the wisher has in mind.

There are seven fyggs that the player must collect but after the final boss, an eighth fygg falls from the sky, to be collected by Lleviathan.


Dragon Quest IX[]

Characters who have eaten Fyggs:

Game description: A golden fruit of the Great World Tree Yggdrasil.

Dragon Quest XI[]

A fygg is an important item for completing the Tickington sidequest "Go Fygger", where a Celestrian at the Observatory was somehow distracted by a unseen to him monster, and lost track of a fygg, which had fell to the earth below.

To give chase after it, however, one must acquire the Pastword that unlocks the Ruby Path of Doom, the second area of the Echo Chamber's Altar of the Starry Skies, which is locked behind progressing the story into Act 2. The Tockle with the Pastword in question is found in the rocky heights of Insula Algarum, which requires commandeering the steed of a Dragooner on said isle to be able to reach the Tockle.

This fygg is acquired after defeating a slime that became a Doomsday dragon after eating the fruit, who can be found in the second to last floor of the Ruby Path of Doom.



"Fygg" are a corruption of "fig".


  • The Fyggs appear to be based on the Apples of Eden, as eating them are forbidden and bring forth an ill fate when consumed.
    • This is further supported by the tale of Adam and Eve, who ate the fruit and were given divine judgement by God.
    • Despite this, the Hero and Marionette were not given a severe after-effect such as the others. It is possible that in the Hero's case, his cause was righteous as he wanted to help the world, and could not take arms against Corvus, as he was Celestrian and not Mortal, since Celestrains cannot act above their superiors. In Marionette's case, she is not Mortal nor Celestrian, and cannot possibly be judged by the fygg's divine powers. (This, however, is questionable, as it was Marion who ate the fygg and died almost immediately afterwards, which may have been her ill fate.)

Other languages[]

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