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Gaia's Navel is a dungeon in Dragon Quest III. Its entrance is directly connected to the nearby village of Lanson. It is the location of the Blue Orb.


Entrance to the cave from Lanson is restricted to only one party member. Whichever party member is at the front of the party will be selected to enter the cave. This restriction can be avoided by using Ramia to enter the cave from the overworld.




Ho, ho, ho! I must acknowledge your strength of will. However, rashness by itself cannot be said to be courage. It is also necessary to have the ability to listen to others.
Fwahahaha... Your willpower is to be commended... But defiance alone is not courage. You need courage to listen to what others have to say at times.
Heh heh heh! Crikey, you're a stubborn one! Talk about determined! But bein' a hero's not just about bargin' blindly on like a bunicorn with an itchy horn, ya know. Sometimes ya gotta be brave enough to trust in what other people tell ya.