This article refers to the character known as Garin in the Dragon Warrior games. For the character called Galen in the NES version of Dragon Quest III, see Gopal Gupta.

Galen (formerly known as Garin) is the name of a famous bard who had his home north of Tantegel. He was the renowned owner of the Lyre of Ire and was because of him that the town of Galenholm was erected. Slain during the sack of Damdara, his grave was erected in the northen part of Galenholm, with the path leading to it hidden from most of the people. Inside, the Lyre of Ire had been given rest, until Erdrick's descendant retrived it in order to prove himself worthy of the Staff of Rain. After the final defeat of the Dragonlord, Galen's spirit can be found in the ruins of Damdara, mourning its destruction. Talking to him will cause the city's background music to temporarily return to the standard village tune. Galen appears as a minor character in Dragon Quest III. His home would become the foundation of Galenholm.

Dragon Quest XI 3DS and Switch

The Luminary ventures to Damdara through the Echo Chamber. The town is full of the ghosts of the citizens killed by the Knight Aberrant, who rules over the ruins with an iron fist. Tasked by the ghost of Galen to put the spirits to rest, the tin tyrant must be slain. Upon doing so, the spirits peacefully return into the afterlife, with Galen shortly following them after rewarding the party. The exact time of the Luminary's visit is not made clear, as the knight would either have to be replaced or revived once killed if the time is before the original events, and no monsters remain in Alefgard once the Dragonlord is defeated if it takes place after, but since the knight first makes himself known as a disembodied voice, one can infer that he himself is a ghost.

Dragon Quest Builders

In this alternate reality where history took a different turn, Galen's descendant, the brilliant inventor Galeleo, lived in a tower near Galenholm. He dedicated his life to use the weapons he developed in defeating the monsters, swearing to put an end to the Dragonlord's dominion. Unfortunatly, his inability to make any progress in the completion of his ultimate invention, the Vulcovoltaic magimotor, as well as his frustration in being unable to repair his beloved family heirloom, the Lyre of Ire, began slowly driving him insane. Obsessed and teetering on the brink of his sanity, he was finally approached by the Dragonlord himself, with the promise of knowledge beyond human comprehension in excange for his inventions. In his vulnerable state, Galeleo accepted, forcing his apprentice and lover Barbella to murder him before he could completly lose his soul to evil and do something horrible. Similarly to his ancestror, Galeleo's spirit continued to linger in the living world, haunting Galenholm's region and keeping a close eye on Barbella, enbittered for her supposed betrayal and in a state of deep despair over humanity inability to create. Fortunatly, the sight of the newly repaired Lyre of Ire, as well as seeing his life's work finally be completed thanks to the skills of the legendary Builder and the intelligence of Barbella herself, ultimatly healed his spirit. Realizing his previous folly, he was finally able to forgive Barbella and rekindle his previous feelings for her. After the finale defeat of the Magmalice and the Firn fiend, he was briefly glimpsed during the celebration party, gently looking at Barbella before fading the next morning.

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