Galen's Grave (formerly Garin's Tomb, Grave of Garinham) is a location in Alefgard connected to the town of Galenholm. A key is required to enter the building blocking the path to the entrance. Before entering for the first time, the player will be met by a strange old man who ominously tells you that no one entering the tomb is seen again, before teleporting away.


Lyre of Ire

The main treasure within the dungeon is the Lyre of Ire, also known as the Silver Harp, which is an essential item for completing the game. In order to get into the room containing the Lyre, the Hero must find his way to the bottom floor, before taking the stairs back up into its chamber. It is recommended to have learned Evac before entering, to exit safely.

Other Treasure

Other items found in the dungeon are as follows:
Floor B1 = NE corner - Key
Floor B1 = NE corner - 537G
Floor B1 = NE corner - Seed of life
Floor B3 = NW corner - 343G


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