Gemon in Memoriam is a monster who appears in the 3DS version of Dragon Quest VIII. He's a beefed up version of Gemon who appears as the 7th boss in Memories Lane along with his henchmen Dark Condor in Memoriam and Dark Turkey in Memoriam.


Main game appearances

Dragon Quest VIII 3DS

#319* - Gemon in Memoriam
Special Family
Gemonin Memoriam
HP MP Attack Defence Agility
7960 698 152 199
Exp Gold Drop Seed of agility
55555 0 G
Normal attack
Desperate attack
Claw Strike
Venom Mist
Calls for back-up (Dark Condor in Memoriam, Dark Turkey in Memoriam)
Haunts at:
Memories Lane*


Get rid of Dark Condor in Memoriam first because it's War Cry will prevent your party members from acting, effectively allowing Gemon in Memoriam and Dark Turkey in Memoriam to beat your party to death. After that, the battle will become far easier.


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