Gerzuun is an abandoned village located at the foot of Mt. Ulzuun. The village was destroyed by monsters, however, the area where the Bodura grass grows does not have any monsters roaming. When the monsters first came to the village and invaded, the people living there hid in the place where the Bodura grass grows, so the monsters wouldn't come near them. Unfortunately the villagers died before the monsters passed and they are still unaware of their own death! Baryaama, the deceased mother of Batzorig is once a habitant of this village.

Monsters in the Area

Dragon Quest IX (DS)  
Enemy Gold Exp Drop Item
#120 Sorcerer 130 G 690 Item icon Magic beast hide
Item icon Seed of magic
#121 Cheeky tiki 100 G 660 Item icon Fresh water
Shield Magic shield
#122 Deadcurion 127 G 790 Headwear Iron mask
Lance Battle fork
#123 Infernal armour 150 G 850 Sword Cautery sword
Bodywear Silver mail
#124 Troll 52 G 1500 Pole Oaken club
Item icon Seed of strength

Notable Monster

#124 - Troll
Demon Family
HP MP Attack Defense Agility
413 255 158 70 60
Exp Gold Drop Pole Oaken club
Item icon Seed of strength
1500 52 G
Note: Gives high experience. It has high attack but low defense and misses a lot. Its weakness is Blast attribute attacks (e.g. Bang, Boom)

Other notable attributes

   Poison puddle    This location contains poisonous marshes/swamps.



  • Unlike other dungeons, this dungeon does not dwell a Boss monster.

Other languages

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Italian Gerzun
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