Geyzer (Zaban in Japan) is a monster in Dragon Quest VIII and is also the first boss of the game.


Geyzer is essentially an orange-red palette swap of the Merman monster first introduced in Dragon Quest III, but having a distinguishing trait in his forehead which is swollen and bears a cross-shaped scar from when the crystal ball hit him.


His speech regularly contains mistakes, such as, but not limited to, saying similar sounding words in the wrong order, switching the first letters of two words, or switching words around completely.



Main Games

Dragon Quest VIII

10 years prior to the start of story, the fortuneteller Kalderasha had visited the Waterfall Cave to dispose of his crystal ball, throwing it into the waterfall at the end of the cave. Unbeknownst to Kalderasha, Geyzer was the master of the same waterfall and wound up getting struck in the head by the discarded crystal ball. This event left Geyzer with the scar on his forehead and a degree of brain-damage that impeded his speech, making him get words wrong nearly every sentence he spoke. Constantly pained by his wound, Geyzer swore to get revenge on the 'tortune feller' and placed the crystal ball aloft near his waterfall in the hopes that it would lure back the owner.

Geyzer claims to be the master of the waterfall the player comes across at the end of the Waterfall Cave and has a deep grudge against the fortune teller who injured him. When trying to retrieve the crystal ball, Geyzer will swim up from the waterfall, introduce himself, and then question the party as to whether or not they are the owners of the crystal ball. If the party says no, Geyzer will dismiss them and go back into hiding, but if they say yes, he will attempt to exact his revenge, making it clear that he doesn't actually know who threw the crystal ball other than the person was a fortune teller.

After the battle, Geyzer realizes that the Hero is not the fortune teller, saying that he is much to strong to be one. Then Geyzer will shows the party a flash back of Trodain Castle becoming cursed, realizing that the Hero is the person who survived the curse. According to Geyzer, he got the information from the waterfall, saying that it "rears many humours". After that, Geyzer accepts "dehands" and gives the party the crystal ball. He then leaves after telling the party that if they ever met the fortune teller, they should tell him "DON'T THROW THINGS IN THE FALLWATER".



In the original Japanese version, he's called Zaban (ザバン) which is a splash sound in Japanese.

Other languages

Other languages
French Geyzer
German Geysir
Spanish Géyzer
Italian Zaban
Dutch Unknown
Swedish Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown

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