Geyzer in Memoriam is a monster who appears in the 3DS version of Dragon Quest VIII. He's a beefed up version of Geyzer who appears as the 1st boss in Memories Lane.


Geyzer in Memoriam is essentially an darker orange-red palette swap of Geyzer who in turn is a palette of Merman (introduced in Dragon Quest III), but with the distinguishing trait of his forehead being swollen, bearing a cross-shaped scar from when the crystal ball hit him.

Main game appearances

Dragon Quest VIII 3DS

#310* - Geyzer in Memoriam
Special Family
Geyserin Memoriam
HP MP Attack Defence Agility
4260 530 200 140
Exp Gold Drop None
55555 0 G
Normal attack
Desperate attack
Slashes with claws
Cursed Mist
Haunts at:
Memories Lane*


The Hero will be your most reliabe damage dealer during this fight, considering that he's the only party member immune to Geyzer in Mem's Cursed Mist. As always, be sure to use Tension to increase your damage output.



Dragon Quest 8 3DS 99 Geyzer (Memories Lane)

Dragon Quest 8 3DS 99 Geyzer (Memories Lane)

Other languages

Other languages
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Swedish Unknown
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Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown


Geyzer is Memoriam's Cursed Mist is actually more effective because the player has more party members, none of whom share The Hero's immunity to curses.

Geyzer in Memoriam is one of the few Memories Lane bosses whose real counterpart isn't dead. The only other bosses with this distinction are Don Mole in Memoriam, Evil Jessica in Memoriam and Marcello in Memoriam.

Theoretically, it's actually possible to get to Lv:99 quickly if one defeats Geyzer in Memoriam (who gives out 55555 EXP everytime) and use a Double Bubble to get 111110 EXP.

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