Gigagash is a recurring ability in the Dragon Quest series.


Gigagash is basically an even more powerful version of the Gigaslash ability. The user channels their power through both arms instead of their prime laterality. Furthermore, the power radiating from the ethereal blades shines more brilliantly than before.


Dragon Quest VIII

Making its main series debut, the Hero can learn Gigagash as a sword technique after fully investing 100 skill points into both the Sword and Courage skill trees, replacing Gigaslash. Despite the requirements, the skill can be used with any weapon equipped, and even bare-handed.

Damage is calculated as level+222~282, capping at level 47 for a maximum range of 271~331.

Dragon Quest IX

To use Gigagash, a character must both equip a sword and be carrying the book awarded by the level 40 Sword Skill quest. Its damage output is a base of 185~335 and a maximum range of 445~595, and the caveat about its usability applies with even greater force. Damage improves as the user's magical might and strength increase. Estark can also use this ability against players from level 57 onwards, so caution must be taken.

Quest #064 - "Turn in Your Badges"
Location Swinedimples Academy - Church
Available at Complete Quest 63, after defeating the Dreadmaster, with a party member with 100 sword ability
Requested by Marco
Response to Marco
Requirement More info collecting...
Reward Gigagash sword technique
Detail Marco, who teaches swordmanship at Swinedimples, wants to put you to the test. On his travels he buried badges by the cities he visited, retrieve them all.
Hint for solution Marco's diary is on the bookshelves in the Swinedimples teachers lounge and will tell you all of the badge locations. You must obtain them in the order Marco visited the towns. Bloomingdale, Gleeba, Angel Falls, Coffinwell, and Swinedimples. Obtain the badges by fighting the monsters outside of the towns until they drop a badge, it often helps if your warrior deals the finishing blow on these monsters

Dragon Quest X

Learned by investing 140 skill points into the sword skill tree, it costs 12 MP to use, and can deal a lot of light attribute damage on all enemies. The skill itself can also be improved through the Master Orb system, and is also used by Goresby-Purrvis in battle.

Dragon Quest XI

The Luminary will learn the skill for 36 points through his Swordmastery skill tree. It costs a massive 32 MP to use, but deals up to 390~430 lightning damage to all enemies.

Dragon Warrior Monsters 2

Appearing as a special tact, it is used when two Gigaslashes are use at the same time.

Dragon Quest Swords

Gigagash is a master stroke in Dragon Quest Swords, being a combo with the Hero and Claymore at level 32.

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai

This is a dragon knight technique that concentrates a Kazap on a sword blade attack.


Dragon Quest VIII

Dragon Quest IX

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