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Gigaslash is a recurring ability in the Dragon Quest series.


It slices a group of enemies with a blade of holy electricity. Despite its name suggesting a physical basis for its (very large) damage output, it in fact deals magical damage.


Dragon Quest VI

Making its debut, it is learned by advancing to Rank 6 of the Hero class.

Dragon Quest VII

Obtained by reaching Rank 7 of the Hero class, it acts the same as in VI. It can also be learned by reaching Rank 6 of the Champion class (Rank 7 in the 3DS remake) and by mastering the Ersatz Estark class.

Dragon Quest VIII

The hero can learn Gigaslash as a sword-only technique after fully investing 100 skill points into either the "Sword" or Courage skill trees. If both skill are at maximum, he obtains Gigagash instead. The electrified slice targets one enemy group for 20 MP, and damage is calculated as lvl+180 +/- [20+lvl].

Angelo cannot learn this skill; he obtains Lightning Storm after mastering his sword skill tree instead.

Dragon Quest IX

Gigaslash is obtained by allocating 88 skill points into the Sword Skill tree, and can only be used by a character who currently has a sword-class weapon equipped. Its damage output has a base of 160 and a maximum of 360, reached when the sum of the character's magical might and strength reach 300. It is also used by the Trauminator in battle.

Dragon Quest X

Gigaslash is learned by investing 100 skill points into the Sword skill tree, and damages all enemies, inflicting 140 to 180 light damage in a circular area. It costs 12 MP to use (15 MP prior to 1.4), and is also used by Berserker Ogre, Lost Hero, and Lost Ally in battle. It is also used by Kamil and Farras in cutscenes, and Quad when he fights alongside the Hero.

Dragon Quest XI

The Hero will learn Gigaslash for 25 points in his Swordmastery skill tree. It costs 16 MP to use, targets all enemies just like in X, and deals up to 210~250 lightning damage. It is also used by Erdrick's restless armour in battle and is a requirement for the Gigaburst Pep Power.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker

Gigaslash is described as "a legendary technique for cutting down a single enemy." It costs 16 MP to use and is learned from the Captain Crow, Cleric, Cluboon III, Diamagon III, and Uber Knight skillsets.

Dragon Quest Swords

Gigaslash is a master stroke in Dragon Quest Swords.

Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below

Gigaslash appears as the Coup de Grâce of Aurora. She points her sword into the sky and summons lightning, then redirects it at a group of enemies.

Dragon Quest Heroes II: Twin Kings and the Prophecy's End

Gigaslash is the Coup de Grâce of Teresa, who can use it regardless of her Vocation.


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