Gigathrow is a recurring skill in the Dragon Quest series.


Dragon Quest VIII

Making its debut, it is learned by the Hero when he invests 100 skill points in the Boomerang skill tree. It deals 147-177 Zap damage to an enemy, with the power going higher every level.

Dragon Quest IX

Acting just like its debut appearance, it deals 150-200 Bang damage to enemies, but does not affect Metal, Gem, or Darkonium slimes. It is learned by holding the Boomerang bible. To obtain the book, you need to max out the boomerang skill tree, and complete quests 85 and 86.

Dragon Quest X

Mostly an enemy only skill, it is used by Nokturnus and Dhuran to decimate enemies who happen to stand in its line, potentially killing them, while paralyzing survivors and dealing Zap damage to them. Players can learn it themselves when they invest 200 skill points into the Boomerang skill tree. It has a charge time of 150 seconds and 100 seconds, and can paralyze enemies, but only for 10 seconds.

Dragon Quest XI

Officially an enemy only skill, it is used by Indignus, Abject Terror, Darkest Despair, Loss leaders, and Red giants, to inflict damage on all enemies, while paralyzing them just like in X.

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German Gigawurf
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