For the region, see Gittish Empire (region).

The Gittish Empire are a group of monsters and humanoids who are driven by evil to conquer the world and defeat Greygnarl. They try their best to defeat the player.


300 years prior to the story, the Gittish Empire ran as a ruthless empire by humans bent on conquering neighboring countries, run by King Godfrey. During their wars against other countries, they allied themselves with Barbarus, Greygnarl's twin brother, believing themselves to be superior to the rest of mankind. They conquered and burned down countless lands, demanding money and women from those they conquered. However the entire empire was eventually destroyed by Greygnarl and his allies.

During the events of the game, they were resurrected by one of their enemies Corvus. They reason for being resurrected is for Corvus's plan to destroy mankind due to his hatred for humanity. Although Corvus is technically not a member of the Gittish Empire, he does manipulate them behind the scenes and all but control them, making him their mastermind.

The subordinates don't remember dying and continue to conquer without realizing they are monsters.


Former Leaders

Identity Occupation
King Godfrey King of the House of Gitt (prior to King Godwyn)
DQIX - King Godwyn - First Forme
King Godwyn
King of the Gittish Empire
DQIX - Corvus - Second Forme
Mastermind behind the Gittish Empire after King Godwyn. His defeat ends the reign of the Gittish Empire once and for all.


Former Lieutenants

Identity Occupation
IX - Goreham-Hogg sprite
Former Lieutenant of the Gittish Empire and Member of the Triumgorate. Slavedriver.
IX - Hootingham-Gore sprite
Former Lieutenant of the Gittish Empire and Member of the Triumgorate. Strategist.
IX - Goresby-Purrvis sprite
Former Lieutenant of the Gittish Empire and Member of the Triumgorate. Warrior.


Former Allies

Identity Occupation
DQIX - Barbarus
Former ally due to siding with them.


  • The Gittish Empire is most likely based on the British Empire. Their names sound similar, and most Gittish soldiers speak like a stereotypical British person, using phrases such as, "I say!", "Old boy," and "awfully."
  • The soldiers that appear in Serena's flashbacks are presumably the same soldiers the hero/heroine encounters in the Goretress and in Gittingham Palace, as they do not remember dying and fail to realize that they have become monsters.
  • It is possible that Brigadoom's destruction was caused by the Gittish Empire.
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