Gittish Empire (region)


The Gittish Empire is both an evil faction and region in Dragon Quest IX. The empire is controlled by King Godwyn at Gittingham Palace. The Gittish Empire serves as the chief antagonist in IX.


300 years prior to the story of IX, the Gittish Empire attempted to conquer the world after allying with the evil dragon Barbarus. Believing themselves to be superior to the rest of mankind, they conquered and burned down countless lands and demanded money and women from those they conquered. However the entire empire was eventually destroyed by Greygnarl and his allies.

During the events of the game, they are ironically resurrected by one of their victims, Corvus. Now an empire of undead monsters, most members of the empire are unaware they they have died and continue with their conquest as if they were still human.

Notable Locations

Collectable Resources

Dragon Quest IX (DS)
Item Location
DQ9 Flintstone.png Flintstone Northeast corner
DQ9 RocktombShard.png Rockbomb shard Southeast platform
DQ9 MankyMud.png Manky mud East side of southwest poison puddle
DQ9 GleebanGuinea.png Gleeban guinea North platform over a poison puddle

Monsters in the Area

Dragon Quest IX (DS)  
Enemy Gold Exp Drop Item
#171 Stenchurion 122 G 1380 Item icon.png Manky mud
Lance.png Partisan
#172 Gloomy gastropog 118 G 1400 Item icon.png Toad oil
Bodywear.png Spiked armour
#173 Dark skeleton 162 G 1780 Item icon.png Evencloth
Bodywear.png Smart suit
#174 Killing machine 168 G 1880 Item icon.png Iron nails
Item icon.png Seed of agility
#175 Dreadful drackal 180 G 2000 Item icon.png Magic beast hide
Item icon.png Magic beast horn
#176 Lethal armour 164 G 1680 Bodywear.png Magic armour
Item icon.png Seed of defense
#177 Freezing fog 120 G 1360 Item icon.png Ice crystal
Item icon.png Sage's elixir
#178 Stone guardian 182 G 2040 Item icon.png Resurrock
Item icon.png Reset stone

Notable Monsters

#177 - Freezing fog
Elemental Family
HP MP Attack Defence Agility
126 10 126 156 162
Exp Gold Drop Item icon.png
Ice crystal
Item icon.png
Sage's elixir
1360 120 G
Note: Has high evasion rate, sometimes hard to hit.

Other notable attributes

   Poison puddle.png    This location contains poisonous marshes/swamps.


  • Gittish Empire is a play on British Empire.
  • The Japanese name "ガナンていこくよう" is named after the Ghana Empire.
    • The religion of the empire involved the Ougadou-Bida, a mythical water serpent of the Niger River. This is probably the source of Barbarus

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