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The Godbird's soulstone is a unique and essential item in Dragon Quest VIII. The item allows the party to turn into a bird and fly around the world.


Despite failing to protect Empyrea's egg from Gemon, the soul of the Godbird's baby still lingered in the world of the living and decided to aid the party in their quest to defeat Rhapthorne. Empyrea's son then took a phisical form, solidifying into the Godbird's soulstone, granting the party the ability to call upon him in order to fly, and saving them numerous times from dangerous situations.

The Soulstone can only be used in the World of Light, and it is the only way to reach the various Untrodden Groves scattered across its wildernesses.

After the world was saved, the soul of Empyrea's child departed alongside her towards other worlds.

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