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The gold orb is a recurring item in the Dragon Quest series with some importance but various by its usage and purpose.


Dragon Quest V[]

The orb was first given to the Hero as a child, but was subsequently destroyed by Ladja. Upon reaching the sunken Zenithia, the Hero learns of the orb's importance in raising the castle out of the sea. This requires the Hero to go back in time to replace the real orb with a fake to preserve causality and complete the mission.

Dragon Quest VIII[]

The orb is located on the second floor of Maella Abbey where Abbot Francisco was killed by Dhoulmagus. The orb is required to initiate the final battle.


Other languages[]

Other languages
French Orbe d'or
German Goldkugel (V)
Goldene Kugel (VIII)
Dutch Unknown
Norwegian Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown