Gold coins or gold is the currency in all Dragon Quest series games. It is used to purchase armour, weapons, items, and tokens for the Casino. It is usually won in battles, found in chests, or otherwise gained as a reward for completing missions.

The value of gold coins is not consistent across Dragon Quest titles and a particular item frequently costs more or less depending on the game. That said, it's interesting to note that gold coins can be considered a sort of auxiliary currency, as they are accepted everywhere throughout a particular game's world and even multi-worlds. However, some items may have a differing value depending on location. The value of items are not effected by inflation as seen by the same price for the same item over a span of several decades.

Protecting gold

Starting with Dragon Quest III, gold can be stored within vaults, though the minimum amount that can be deposited is 1,000 coins. Gold that is stored in the vault will not be taken if the main character(s) is killed. Remakes of Dragon Quest & Dragon Quest II also had vaults implemented.

Starting with Dragon Quest VI, vaults were replaced with a bank which unlike the former, stored only gold rather than with equipment.

Other means of obtaining gold

Dragon Quest III

  • Party members who are Merchants will snag several additional gold coins after the end of a battle.
  • Gold can be won through winning bets in the arenas at Romaly, Isis, Samanao and Mercado.

Dragon Quest IV

  • Chapter 3 had many ways to obtain gold due Torneko's goal:
    • Torneko is payed for his work in the weapon shop of Lakanaba.
    • Old Man Finnegan pays you around 10 gold coins to take him the church daily.
    • An old man in Endor will pay 25,000 gold coins for the Silver goddess statue.
    • Equipment can be sold for more money than usual at Torneko's shop.
    • After Torneko's shop is opened, King Norman of Endor will pay you 60,000 gold coin to provide his soldiers with 6 sets of Steel broadsword and Iron armour (7 of each in the NES Version).
  • Meena and Maya receive a payment of 100 gold coins for their last day from the theater troupe from Laissez Fayre.

Dragon Quest VI

  • In Haggleton, brothers Buck & Bill will try to compete in purchasing the Village goods from you by offering a higher amount of gold than the others. The high amount obtainable is 480 gold coins from Bill.
  • The characters, while fighting as Merchants will pick up extra gold after battles.

Dragon Quest V

Unique to this game is the time span experienced by the protagonist. The prices of items seem to be the same during the Hero's childhood as it is in his adulthood. This suggests that the game game world exhibits no forms of inflation.

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