Goldirox is a character in Dragon Quest Builders 2. He meets the Builder when they bomb where he's being held captive.


As the Khrumbul-Dun chapter continues, Goldirox looks like various Golems throughout the series. He starts off as a Stone Golem. When he gets enough copper, he looks like the Mazin. Later he gains a coat of silver. Finally near the end of the chapter, he becomes a Gold Golem.


Goldirox is very kind, despite his Golem status, and becomes incredibly fond of Babs, eventually stating that he wishes to marry her, which everyone takes surprisingly seriously. He is very kind to the Builder, allowing them to ride him and tell him where to go and what to do, and helps them find the area where the player finds diamonds.


Dragon Quest Builders 2

The Builder finds Goldirox in a cave covered with sand. Whereas Dougie and Digby are terrified, Babs decides to give it the Copper, Silver and Gold it needs to get it's power back. It helps open the way and eventually falls in line with the boys getting Babs to dance for them. He starts off as a very weak Golem, and can barely stand, but with help, he reaches Gold Golem status, and can destroy really hard rocks the player could not break with their current hammer.

After the Madusa falls, Goldirox gets the chance to bring gold back to the mine at the cost of his body. He accepts the responsibility and watches Khrumbul-Dun from the Gold Bar.


While Goldirox can't fight when you first meet him, he'll become available to ride roughly halfway into the chapter. He controls like a normal golem with punching walls. During the Madusa fight, he'll gain golden gauntlets to deflect the Madusa's attacks back at them, allowing the humans to fight back.


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