Gondolia is a port city in Dragon Quest XI. Located on the north-central portion of Erdrea's southern continent between the Laguna di Gondolia and the Inland Sea, Gondolia is a bustling centre of trade, thanks to the efforts of its main benefactor, the Doge Rotundo.

Modelled after mediaeval Venice, Italy, Gondolia is named for the boats in its canal, which straddles the city from beneath it. The city is also home to shipyards and docks.



  • An Even Lovelier Letter (Akia, east walk)
  • The Search for the Sage's Stone (Old gent, north promenade)
  • A Rose Arose Where No Rose Grows (Woman, upper east walk)

Super Hagglio Bros.

Duelling hawkers can be found along the western flank of the city. To start this quest, speak with the burly thug on the lower walk to see what he sells. Find his brother ahead on the upper walk in a blue tunic, and he will sell the same item for less. Bounce between the pair, and the price of the item will drop with each declined offer. Repeat until neither can go lower, then buy the item.

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