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Goober is a recruitable monster in VI. He is a slime being trained for combat in the Slimopolis by the arena's owner, Sledge.


The player can actually meet Goober in a training session with another slime by going to the fighters' ready room on the base level of the arena, but because only slimes and slime knights can go through the entry arch, he cannot be recruited at this point.

Sledge is looking for slimes with the strength and skill to challenge his champion, Hammer, and so built Slimopolis, organising the tournament as well. Once the player reaches the topmost rank of A and survives all rounds of the battle, Sledge will send Hammer in for one final round. Defeating Hammer impresses Sledge, resulting in Sledge releasing Goober to the party in the hopes that the party can train him to succeed Hammer.

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