Goowain is a recruitable monster in Dragon Quest VI. He is a slime knight with a gallant air about him, never too far from his "gloopy steed".


In the remake versions, the party first comes across Goowain at the border outpost to Howcastle, where he is in a hurry to answer the king's call for assistance with Prince Howard's baptism ritual set to take place in the Hallowed Hollow to the south. But he cannot get an audience with the King, let alone tame the cowardly Howard into fulfilling his destiny. Meanwhile, the Hero and friends receive the order to escort Howard to the cave. When they return after Howard's baptism, Goowain is waiting for an adventurer as noble as himself to serve with valour. Sensing this nobility in the party, he offers himself to their service, and the adventure continues.


Goowain is a slime-based pun on Sir Gawain, one of the Arthurian Knights of the Round Table.

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