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The Gospel ring is a recurring accessory in the Dragon Quest series. While its stat bonuses varies from title to title, the Gospel ring has tradionally the powerful added effect of preventing all random encounters while it is worn.


Dragon Quest IV remakes[]

Introduced in the remake versions, the Gospel Ring is an accessory that increases luck by +50, and allows the party to avoid random encounters once any one of them equips it.

It's available as a price in the Casino of Immigrant Town for 250,000 tokens. Due to its extremely high token cost, the easiest way to obtain it is to spend the 300,000 tokens rewarded by completing the 'Big Book of Beasts'.

Dragon Quest VI[]

The Gospel Ring is an accessory that increases defense by +15, and style by +30. Once again, it stops random monster encounters to appear if any member of the party has it equipped.

It is obtainable at the Alltrades Abbey by speaking to the Abbot after getting to the 5th level of each vocation.

Dragon Quest VII[]

Completely filling out the pages of the 'Big Book of Beasts', rewarded in the present for winning the guessing game in L'Arca's animal appreciation festival, will grant the reward of a Gospel ring, which was apparently hidden somewhere in the book, and only falls off once all pages are filled.

The Gospel ring has a Defence bonus of +50, a Style bonus of +30, can be equipped by all characters and, once again, it stops random monster encounters to appear if one member of the party has it equipped.

In the original PSX version, due to the disappearence of Gracos V following the resurrection of The Almighty by the Roamers it was possible for the Gospel ring to become completely unobtainable if the underwater fiend was not defeated beforehand.

In the 3DS version, such issue is not present, as it is still possible to challenge Gracos V and receive his book's entry; furthermore, it is not necessary to defeat the DLC monsters from the DLC Traveller's Tablets for the Gospel ring to be rewarded, just the normally met monsters.

Dragon Quest VIII[]

Meeting all possible monster species, both wild and boss encounters, thusly completing filling the appropriate Battle Records section, will once again reward a Gospel ring, given to the Hero by Trode himself upon entering the now complete Battle Records for the first time.

This time around, the Gospel ring only grants a measly bonus of Defence by +5, and again, it stops random monster encounters to appear if one member of the party has it equipped.

In the 3DS version, in order for the Gospel ring to be rewarded, the monsters encountered at the Altar of Wroth must have been fought at least once, while the bosses met at Memories Lane, from Geyzer in Memoriam to even Estark, are not necessary.

Dragon Quest Heroes II[]

The Gospel ring is rewarded as a final prize once all of the Accolades (which are tied to Trophies on PSN systems) have been cleared and their Mini medals' rewards have been claimed from the clerk. As a consequence, alongside the Ace of spoils, the Gospel ring does not count towards the completion of the Accolade Avid Accessoriser, which is rewarded by obtaining all other types of Accessories.

Once again, it completely disable the appearance of monsters once equipped although; however, this power has a caveat as, in case the accessory due to the Flying Start feature, is obtained during another playthrough, or taken along for yet another one, the Gospel ring will only take effect during the post game, after Fractos Unfettered has been slain. Other than its base effect, the Gospel ring has no other added stat bonuses and furthermore, it is the one of the two accessories, alongside the Elevating shoes, that cannot be boosted with Alchemy, having only its initial node in the bonus grid.

Other languages[]

Other languages
French Anneau evangélique
German Spiritueller Ring
Spanish Anillo doctrinal
Italian Anello del gospel
Dutch Unknown
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