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Gotha is a castle town and kingdom in Dragon Quest V. It is surrounded by thick forests and impassable mountains, with the castle situated south of a large lake which empties into the ocean. The kingdom is the home of King Pankraz, and the birthplace of the Hero.

Under the rule of King Pankraz, it was declared that most of the castle town, similarly to Tantegel, would be relocated inside the castle's very own walls, creating a single, more secure structure.


Second Generation[]

After learning of his true heritage, the hero returns to Gotha where he is reunited with his old caretaker, Sancho. The kind man, overjoyed to see the son of his best friend not only alive but also wedded, immediately guides them to the royal chambers, where the hero meets his uncle, Prince Albert the regent. The man urges him to claim his birthright and ascend the throne, however, the kingdom's chancellor, Jeeves, is quite reluctant, suggesting the Hero must fist follow in his forebear's footsteps and pass the traditional trial of the House of Gotha, finding the Royal insignia hidden in the nearby Rite of Passage, before he can become king. Before he can begin the trial, the Hero learns that his wife is heavily pregnant and as such, cannot accompany him.

After successfully completing the trial, despite being suspiciously ambushed by a pair of thugs hired by someone, the Hero returns to find his wife at the verge of giving birth to a pair of twins. Celebrations are held in the castle to celebrate both the new king's coronation and the birth of his heirs, and continue into the night.

However, the drinks are spiked with sleeping potions, sending most of the castle's inhabitants into a deep slumber. The Hero miraculously awakens into the night to find the castle deathly quiet, and suspecting something is amiss, goes to check in on his wife and newborn children. He discovers to his horror that his wife has been kidnapped by monsters, though thankfully she had time to instruct the midwife to hide the children first, saving them. Immediately the entire army of guards is dispatched to find the missing queen, but the Hero still wants to attempt to find her himself, so he entrust the safety of his children and of the Zenithian sword to the loyal Sancho. Having a strong suspect, supported by the testimony of his cousin Gertrude and later proven correct, that Chancellor Jeeves was behind the kidnapping, the Hero ransacks the private chambers of Jeeves and finds a set of Talaria sandals inside, and thanks to them he sets out for Northminster to rescue his wife, unaware that it will be his last time seeing Gotha for several years.

Third Generation[]

Having been petrified for eight years following his ill-fated expedition to Knightmare Towers, the Hero finally returns to Gotha after being rescued by his children and Sancho. Upon returning to the castle, the Hero decides to set out once more in search of his wife, bringing his family and servant along with him. The town's pub becomes home to Patty's Party Planning Place, allowing the player to manage their human party members.


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Other notable attributes[]

   Save icon    This is a location where the game can be saved.

   Zoom icon    This location can be reached using the Zoom spell.

   Party icon Party members can be exchanged at this location.

   Monster icon   Monster companions can be exchanged at this location.

   Bank icon    This location includes a bank or vault.


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Nearby Monsters[]

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Other Languages[]

Other languages
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