Gracos is a recurring monster and villain in the Dragon Quest game series. He is depicted as an obese merman-like monster wielding a pole-arm. He first appears in Dragon Quest VI as a major antagonist, this role would later repeat in Dragon Quest VII.


Gracos differs from a Merman by means of his greater girth, thicker lips, wristbands and weapon: a pole-arm with a crescent-shaped blade on the end.




Main Games

Dragon Quest VI

Gracos marks his first appearance as one of the Dreadfiends that terrorizes the world, challenging the rule of King Poseidon for the underwater kingdom. While Gracos calls himself a demon, given his later appearances in the series it is doubtful he is one, and instead simply was given free reign to rule over the seas by Murdaw. Murdaw or Mortamor placed a seal upon Gracos that binds his life to the magical city of Soceria. The reason for this seal is because the city knows the powerful spell Magic Burst, which could apparently defeat Mortamor. Gracos is eventually defeated and the seal on the city is lifted, but the spell is not nearly as effective as Gracos built it up to be once Ashlynn learns it.


Dragon Quest VII

Making his second appearance as a boss, Gracos is the one responsible for flooding Wetlock in the past and must be confronted in order to set things right. When encountered, he summons the spirits of several humans he drowned in order to turn them into Sea Grudges to fight for him. After the party defeats them, Gracos fights the party himself.

Gracos has a descendant that can be seen upon going into the future later in the game, Gracos V, whom has grown to hate humans for killing his ancestor. It is possible that the Gracos from this game and the Dreadfiend from Dragon Quest VI are also related, and more descendants would also help to explain all of the various recolors of Gracos running around as generic enemies.

Dragon Quest X

Side Games

Monsters 2
Caravan Heart

Appearing as a rank A member of the Demon family, Gracos also has a small role in the piracy side-quest of the game, being summoned as one of the many monsters the player must confront while tracking down Captain Crow. One possible synthesis for a Gracos is combining a Merman with an Archdemon.

Joker 2

Belial x Merman or Belial x Octavian sentry


Why Gracos wanted to prevent Magic Burst from being used against his master is unclear since it actually isn't a very good spell for magic-users to use because it depletes all their power.


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