The Grotta della Fonte is a cavern in Dragon Quest XI.


Located roughly west of the city of Gondolia, the Grotta is home to naturally sanctified springs. From these waters, healers of ancient times have made potions able to treat the sick.

When the Luminary and his party toured Gondolia, they came across a pair of teenage boys, Placido di Rotundo and his friend Benigno. Having been rebuffed by Placido’s father, the Doge, for a boat, our heroes again check on the pair. Placido cannot speak, so Benigno has looked after him. As Serena assesses the situation, she finds that Placido is actually cursed. She proposes using birdsong nectar to dispel the curse. In order to make the nectar, she has everything but pure water. Benigno informs them that the Grotta has the water Serena needs.

Navigating the Grotta, the party makes camp in a clearing near the font for a night as they reflect on the journey thus far. But as they break camp, two coralossi stand before them and attack. Though imposing, the patty makes quick work of them. Gathering her tools, Serena takes some water and creates a phial of birdsong nectar.


Grotta della Fonte means "Cave of the Fountain" in Italian.

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