For the similarly named ability from Dragon Quest XI, see Vacuum Slash.

Gust Slash (AKA Vacuum Slash) is a recurring ability in the Dragon Quest series.


Dragon Quest VI

Gust Slash deals 130% melee damage with the woosh element. It is granted at the first rank of the Gladiator vocation. Prickly pranksters also use this skill in battle.

Dragon Quest VII

Gust Slash is learned at rank 1 of the Gladiator vocation in both versions of the game, as well as rank 2 of the Champion occupation in the 3DS remake. It is also used by Alarmours and Terracotta Warriors in battle.

Dragon Quest VIII

Now exclusive to monsters, Gargoyles, as well as Zombie gladiators, use it against players mercilessly.

Dragon Quest X

While used by Mandrake majors, Harmours, and Majin Soldiers in battle, as well as Zombie gladiators and Prickly pranksters once again, it is learned by recruited Mandrake majors. It costs 2 MP to use, with their damage output being 1.6x + 10.

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