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Hadid is the son of the chief of Al-Balad Village in Dragon Quest VII.


Hadid is a tall tanned man with spikey black hair. He wears a blue vest, white pants, sandals, white arm wraps and goggles.


Dragon Quest VII[]

Ever since the Temple Palace was abandoned, Hadid took it upon himself to run the monsters out of it and comes across the HeroMaribel and Ruff. Not wanting them in his way, he points them to Al-Balad village, where they will be allowed rest there upon mentioning his name.

After the party rests there, they return to the palace to defeat a skeleton squire with Hadid's help. Following the fight, the monster turns over the Queen's necklace to Hadid, who is surprised that the queen gave it to a monster willingly. He focuses first on digging up some graves with the party's help, while informing them of the trouble plaguing their land.

The four of them return to Al-Balad where Hadid informs Khalid of the recent events at the Temple, while strongly insisting that Queen Fertiti has abandoned them to save her own life, despite his mother trying to dispute his claim. After looking over a letter attached to her necklace, however, Hadid reconsiders his stance and leaves to save her, though to no avail. During that time, the party returns to the present to retrieve the Ancient skull from the Dig Site.

Upon their return, Khalid becomes ill and is dying, with Hadid showing up shortly to make his goodbyes and promise to become the village's new chief. The four of them and the villagers take his body to the Banks of the Nihil, where Khalid request to have his body dropped into the river.

After the funeral, Hadid and the party head to The Likeness. Once there, they encounter a Spirit Maiden, who informs them that the Queen is still alive, prompting Hadid to rush in ahead. The Party briefly catches up to him to see that he found Fertiti and shows his disappointment that she feels defeated. The three meet up with him at the top as he is defeated by Setesh the Punisher, who is in turn killed by the party. Afterwards, Hadid tells them to retrieve the rubies from The Likeness' eyes before he then falls unconscious.

Once the three, along with Fertiti do so, she later heals him. Later on, Hadid thanks the party and permits them to take the Yellow Fragment and other treasures from the village storeroom.

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