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The Hall of Hargon (Formerly Hargon's Castle, AKA Hargon's Temple in Dragon Quest of the Stars) is the final dungeon in Dragon Quest II. It is the location where the heroes fight the 2 antagonists of the game, Hargon and Malroth. It is located in the Rendarak region in Torland.


The Hall of Hargon is disguised by magic to make its interior appear identical to Midenhall Castle. In order to dispel the magic, the Eye of Rubiss must be used upon entering the castle. Upon revealing the true castle interior, the False idol must be used to reveal the hidden 2F stairway.

Mini Bosses[]

Prior to engaging Hargon, the heroes must fight 3 mini bosses as they proceed through the castle. These bosses are never mentioned in the game and do not appear on the floor maps. These encounters occur in specific locations in the castle and begin the same as normal enemy encounters do. The 3 bosses are Atlas, Pazuzu, and Belial.

Final Bosses[]

Upon reaching the final floor, the heroes will fight Hargon. Upon his defeat, the heroes must fight Malroth to complete their quest and finish the game.

Treasure Chests (Remakes only)[]

Floor 1 - Devil's tail, Wailer's mail


* Two Batmandrills are revealed if the player talks to the two monsters in the main floor of the Hall of Hargon. This is the only appearance of the Batmandrills in the Hall of Hargon and this monster never appears through random battle in the rest of the castle.


  • The illusion of Midenhall Castle has several changes in the GBC Version compared to how it functioned in the NES Version:
    • The throne room and prison can be entered, while in the NES Version, you can't go down the stairs.
    • The Travel Door to the Shrine west of Zahan acts as if it's transporting you, only for the characters to remain in the castle. In the NES Version, stepping on it, much like the stairs does nothing.
    • In the NES Version, the dialogue from the NPCs are the same as the actual ones from Midenhall. In the GBC Version, each NPC tries to convince The Prince of Midenhall that Hargon is a fair and benevolent ruler, thus it's unnecessary to fight against him.
    • The chests that remain after shedding the illusion contain nothing in the NES Version, while in the remakes, they contain cursed equipment.