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Hank Hoffman, Jr. is a temporary playable character in Dragon Quest IV.


The son of an innkeeper, Hank lost faith in his friends when they seemingly betrayed him while on a quest, and as a result distrusts all humanity. However, after the party shows him the symbol of faith they found in the Con Cave, he comes to his senses and is able to come to terms with the past.

He then joins the group, bring the wagon with him. Eventually, the party reaches Mintos, where Hank decides to learn his father's trade from Hilton and leaves the party, giving them his wagon and his horse, Mary Lou, in thanks.



  • Hoffman takes the Symbol of Faith when it's shown to him whereas in the NES Version it remains in the player's inventory.
  • He leaves upon the party entering Mintos for the first time, regardless whether he's in the line up or not. Afterwards, he attends a lecture held by Hilton, and temporarily works at the Inn after The Hero is joined by Alena and Kiryl.
  • He's later found running the Immigrant Town after the Magic Key is obtained.


  • In VI, once Mortamor is defeated and the secret dungeon unlocked, once given the option to view others dreams, if near future is selected, Hank will be in the tavern serving drinks to Maya.

Other languages[]

Other languages
French Hank Hoffman Jr
German Hank Hoffman Jr.
Spanish Juanchito
Italian John Dwayne Jr.
Dutch Unknown
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