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Hanlon (formerly Hank) is Patrick's father. He is also one of the people who can temporarily join the team for a short period of time.


Hank is a resident of Ballymolloy. Sometime before the party arrives, Maeve steals all the women from the town, forcing them to destroy their town in exchange for the women. Hank tries to get the women back but is defeated. Maeve, seeing Patrick following him, decides to spare him, taking him back to the village. His injuries were too severe to be healed by normal means however.


The party meets Patrick who is taking care of Hanlon after being injured. Patrick tells the party to find Maeve so that she can get him a Green Orb from a green colorstone. The party travels to the Colorstone Mine. With Maeve's help, they are able to get a Green Orb. The party give the Green Orb to Patrick to heal Hanlon's injuries.

After the party sleeps in the inn for the night, Hank's injuries are healed. He joins the party. They travel to The Tower. They encounter a Golem who remembers Hank from his first attempt to rescue the women. They defeat the Golem and continue up the tower.

They encounter Clawster who taunts the party by telling them that they were cowards because they came when the boss while the boss was gone. They battle the monster and defeat it. However, Clawster sees the boss, whom he identifies as Maeve. Maeve cuts down Clawster and tells the party that she is the reason that the women are gone. The party fight and defeat her. As Hanlon goes to land the final blow, the party can choose whether or not to stop him. Either way, she tells the Hero and party to return to the place where she met them as a way to return home will be found.

When the party exit The Tower, the sky clears and brightens as a result of Maeve's death. Hanlon comments that his heart is heavy even though Maeve is dead. The women have returned to Ballymolloy. Hanlon returns to his son with the bowels of a Catmage. After his son goes to the graves Maeve was tending before, Hanlon is unable to tell him that Maeve was the villain. He tells the party to return to the place Maeve told them. However, should the party not find their way home, Hank told them that they were welcomed in Ballymolloy.


In Ballymolloy, there is a building known as Hanlon's Tower. However, the reason for the name has been lost in time.

As A Temporary Party Member

Hanlon's regular attack does somewhere between 30-35 HP. He can also cast Sap which lowers an enemy's defense. Should a party member fall low in health, he can cast Heal. There are times that he will just watch as well.

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