The happy hat (also known as the joy hat) is a recurring hat in the Dragon Quest series. It recovers the wearer's MP while walking on the field.


Dragon Quest IV

The happy hat has a defence bonus of +15, and restores MP while walking on the field. It can be worn by Borya, Kiryl, Maya, and Meena. The hat is rewarded by Minikin after collecting 43 mini medals.

Dragon Quest V

The happy hat has a defence bonus of +35.

Dragon Quest VI

The happy hat is the final prize in the Best-Dressed Contest, earned after clearing Level 8.

Dragon Quest VII

The happy hat has a defence bonus of +37, but reduces style by 17. It can be worn by the HeroMaribelRuff, and Sir Mervyn. It is not sold in any shops, but it can be won from the Lucky Panel at Buccanham. It can also be dropped by platinum king jewels. They can be sold for 10,000 gold, but it is not recommended to do so.

Dragon Quest VIII

The happy hat has a defence bonus of +31. It can only be worn by Jessica and Angelo. It can be obtained from Dodgy Dave in Pickham in exchange for the Sandstorm spear or made in alchemy with the Feathered cap and Elevating shoes. Shops will take it for 10,000 gold coins.

Dragon Quest IX

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Other languages
French Chapeau de félicité
German Faschingshut
Spanish Sombrero alegre
Italian Cappello della gioia
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