Hardie is a character in the Dragon Quest series who appears as a temporary party member in Dragon Quest IV. A man of considerable strength, he offers his bodyguard services to aspiring merchants in the third chapter.


In his original appearance, Hardie wears a light orange breastplate with a blue cape attached, shoulder pads, and pteruges. Purple tights cover him up to his waistline with leather boots covering his feet. He wears white gloves and a horned helmet embellished with a blue jewel, from where a white coif covers his neck. He has blue hair, a mustache, and is depicted wielding a saber.

His redesign in the subsequent remakes now depicts him donning a yellow surcoat with the image of an orange unequal cross. Orange tights cover his entire body. He wears purple and white boots, white gloves and an orange, grey-rimmed helmet. He has brown hair, a full beard and thin mustache, and is depicted wielding an iron broadsword.


Dragon Quest IV

Hardie is first in Chapter 2 by Alena and her party in front of Endor's church. He tells her about people from various locations attending the Tournament and later congratulates the Zamoksva Princess on her victory.

During Chapter 3, he is looking for work. In exchange for an advance payment of 400 gold coins, he is willing to join Torneko for five in-game days at a time. He lends his considerable physical strength and bulk to Torneko's quest for treasure. Due to disliking dogs, he won't join if Torneko has Fido with him. After Chapter 3 has ended, he is no longer recruitable.

In Chapter 5, Hardie's fortune is told to him by Meena just before the Hero arrives in Endor. He remains in front of the church in Endor for the remainder of the game.


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