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Harry is the prince of Coburg in Dragon Quest V. He is kidnapped and sold into slavery along with the Hero at the end of the first era of the game.


When the hero first meets Harry he was selfish and he constantly played pranks on the workers of Coburg castle. Some servants suggest his pranks are a way of seeking attention as his mother had passed away early in his life and his father was too busy with the country's affairs to look after Harry.


Harry is first seen as a child, the Prince of the kingdom of Coburg, and was rather spoiled and troublesome. Pankraz was summoned by the king to Coburg, bringing his son in tow. Soon after, Harry was abducted by thugs, and Pankraz and the hero sprang to his rescue. Before they could escape the ruins, they were captured by Bishop Ladja and his henchmen Kon the Knight and Slon the Rook, who killed Pankraz and shipped the boys off to the slave camp at Mount Azimuth.

Ten years later, Harry and the hero escape along with fellow slave Maria, before washing up at Heaven's Above Abbey. Once they recovered, Harry tags along with the Hero to fulfill Pankraz's dying wish. After picking up a horse and wagon in Fortuna, they stop at the ravaged Whealbrook and find Pankraz's storage deep in the cave, which outlined his quest. At Roundbeck, they learn that Coburg is building an army and had sacked Whealbrook some years ago, which deeply troubled Harry.

Returning to Coburg, they discovered that Harry's half-brother, Wilbur, had assumed the throne after his father died, but the Queen Dowager was pulling the strings and began enacting a tyrannical rule. Investigating further, they discover that the real Queen Dowager was imprisoned and an imposter is in her place. The two set out to Abovitall Tower to retrieve the Ra's Mirror to expose the impostor. After defeating her, Harry stays behind to help King Wilbur run Coburg, leaving the hero to continue his journey alone.

Some time later, Harry marries Maria, and the two would later attend the Hero's wedding. They eventually have a son named Kendrick whom Wilbur names heir to the throne. Kendrick is just like his father when he was a child, both in appearance and personality.



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