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Harvest Moon (Harvest Moon Kick in A Hero's Bonds) is a recurring ability in the Dragon Quest series.


Attacks all enemies with a spinning attack.


Dragon Quest IV Remakes[]

In the remakes, Harvest Moon is one of the special abilities that Psaro has upon joining in Chapter 6. It is also used by Divs and Knightshades in battle against their enemies.

Dragon Quest VI[]

Making its debut, it is learned when one reaches Rank 7 of the Luminary vocation. It attacks a group of enemies with a somersault, but is dependent on attack power. It is also used by Jackal rippers, Berzorkers, and Dhuran in battle. It deals more damage to one enemy from the DS remake onwards.

Dragon Quest VII[]

Acting the same as in VI, it is learned when one reaches Rank 6 of the Luminary vocation, Rank 8 of the Jawtoise, Rank 3 of the Delusionist, Rank 4 of the Slaughtomaton, and Rank 6 of the Dingbat vocations. It is also learned by advancing to Rank 3 of the Luminary vocation and Rank 1 of the Druid vocation in the 3DS remake. It is also used by Frightbaits, Dread herrings, Harmours, Alarmours, Dingbats, Divs, Knightshades, Charmours, and Brigand in battle against their enemies.

Dragon Quest VIII[]

Jessica and Angelo can learn this skill when one invests 45 skill points for the former, and 42 skill points for the latter in their Fisticuffs skill trees. It attacks a group of enemies for 6 MP, and is also learned by Red in the 3DS remake by investing 60 skill points into her own Fisticuffs skill tree. It is replaced by Miracle Moon for Angelo when he invests 100 skill points into his Fisticuffs skill tree.

Dragon Quest X[]

Appearing for the first time since VIII, it is learned when 60 skill points are invested into the Fisticuffs skill tree. It now targets one enemy, and will deal heavy damage to Flying and Floating monsters, costing 2 MP to use.

Dragon Quest XI[]

Jade will have this skill by the time she joins the party. It acts the same as in X, and costs 3 MP to use.

Dragon Quest Walk[]

Acting the same as in X and XI, it is learned at level 1 by the Timbrel of Tension, Garuda Wing, Steel lance, Seraph's spear, Claws of black storm, Flame lion claws, and the Metal slime spear, and at level 10 by the Stellarang and the Storm spear, costing 5 MP to use.

Dragon Quest Tact[]

Known as Moonsault, it is once again used by Dhuran to deal 175% physical damage to all enemies in range, costing 30 MP for the Dread Fiend to use.

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai - A Hero's Bonds[]

Can be obtained if one get's the Platinum claws weapon.

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