The Hate mail, also known as the Armor of Hades and devil armor, is a recurring set of armour in the Dragon Quest series. It appears to be made out of the corpse and bones of a demon and often boasts a high amount of defense, but it is a cursed piece of equipment.


Dragon Quest III

The hate mail has a defence bonus of +65, but will random freeze the wearer. It can be equipped by both the Hero and Warriors, and can sold for 5,250 gold coins. It is found in the Craggy Cave.

Dragon Quest VII

The hate mail has a defence bonus of +65 and a style bonus of +15, but it has a chance of randomly paralyzing the wearer in battle. It can be equipped by the Hero and Aishe. It also reduces damage taken from magic and ice attacks. One set can be found in the Nottagen Cave. Hate mail can also be won as prizes from the Lucky Panel at Buccanham's Casino.

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Other languages
French Cuirasse de haine
German Unknown
Spanish Peto de odio
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