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Hay is a village in Dragon Quest V. Located roughly southwest of Lodestar Harbour, it plays a minor role in the story of the second generation. Most of the inhabitants have a country English accent, causing them to drop initial H's from their spoken dialogue.


A spoiler draws near! Click 'show' to display, otherwise run away!

Second generation

Upon their arrival in Lodestar Harbour, the Hero visits the local pub, where he witnesses a villager being assaulted by common thugs for the gold he is carrying. After defeating the thugs, the villager, claiming to be from "'Ay", offers 1500 gold pieces in advance for a job he was asked to recruit for: a vicious great sabrecat prowls the village at night from a nearby cave. The villager then tells the Hero that he will be paid another 1500 gold pieces once he finishes the job.

Arriving in Hay, the Hero meets with the townsfolk gathered at the mayor's hut. All of them, it seems, want the monster gone, though it has not in any way threatened them in its travels. Still, the mayor is quite livid that the town coffers were emptied just for this one task, and that one of his villagers would assign such a dangerous feat to someone who looks worse off than they do. The villager vouches for the Hero, who is ordered to proceed to the Scary Lair and deal with the problem.

Deep in the cave, the Hero encounters the sabrecat, which does not attack unless directly provoked. The Hero pulls out Bianca's ribbon, held since his childhood. When the sabrecat catches a whiff of the ribbon, it stands down, with the Hero realising that the sabrecat is Saber, the sabrecub from whom he had been separated for ten years. Ever since Saber was left to wander, he had merely been foraging to survive and guarding arms that belonged to the Hero's late father, Pankraz.

As the Hero returns to Hay with Saber, the residents are in shock that the Hero could actually bond with the monster, believing that the Hero and sabrecat had been working together. After paying the Hero the remaining half of the reward, the villagers tell him to leave and never come back.

Third generation

Ten years later, the Hero can revisit the town and speak to the villagers. The villagers, not recognising the Hero, express remorse for how they treated him after he completed the job they gave him and wish to apologise to him should he return.

Thou hast defeated the spoiler.


  • After recruiting Saber back into the party, the player can get the Terrorcrow in the eastern part of town.
  • If the player chose to marry Nera or Debora, one of Rodrigo Briscoletti's soldiers will give them a suit of sacred armour. This will only happen during the third generation.
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