Healie is a minor character in IV. He is a Healslime, a variant on the Slime monster able to cast healing spells, but unlike most Healslimes, he is friendly rather than hostile. Ragnar first encounters him in his chapter, at which point he joins the party. Healie uses his knowledge of local geography to help Ryan in his quest to locate the missing children of Burland.

Healie proves to be an extremely useful ally in battle as Ryan is incapable of using any spells, so the only way he can heal himself without Healie's help is with items such as Herbs. Healie can also contribute to combat, though the damage he is capable of dealing is fairly unimpressive. As an AI-controlled character, his behavior is also somewhat random and unreliable.

Towards the end of Chapter 1, he states that he has resolved to become a human. He apparently continues to travel with Ryan because they can be found together in Chapter 5, shortly before the fight with Balzack. Healie has succeeded in becoming a human through unknown means and has taken on the sprite of a bard. This, however, is the last he is seen in the game; after Ryan joins the Hero's party, it seems Healie continues his travels alone.


In the remake of Dragon Quest VI a healslime named Healie is recruitable once the flying bed is acquired. In the post game party at Somnia Castle after Mortamor has been defeated, Healie will say that his new wish is to become human.

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