Helas hammer

Hela's hammer (Originally demon hammer) is a recurring weapon in the Dragon Quest franchise. The hammer is so hefty that it has poor accuracy, but will always land a critical hit when it does connect with a monster, making it ideal to hunt metal slimes with. Unless noted below, the hammer reduces accuracy to 38 or 37.5%.


Dragon Quest IV

Hela's hammer has an attack bonus of +70... but it is cursed. It's found in the Colossus and can be equipped by the HeroRagnar, and Psaro.

Dragon Quest V

Hela's hammer has an attack bonus of +70, and hits 50% of the time. It can be found in the Mantleplace, and dropped by a Balhib at a rate of 1/64. Sancho and Debora are the only humans who can equip it.

The monsters that can swing the hammer are the ArchdemonBattle PipBrownieConkererGigantesHoodlum, and Orc King.

Dragon Quest VI

Increases attack by +115 and Style by +33. CarverTerryAmos, and Lizzie. One can be purchased in Greedmore for 15000, and Trolls drop them.

Dragon Quest VII

The hammer grants the same bonuses as in VI, and the Hero, Prince Kiefer, and Aishe can equip it. It cannot be purchased, though the Drakulords drop them.

Dragon Quest IX

Hela's hammer cannot be bought, but it can be sold for 12,700 gold. It has an attack bonus of +142 and a two star rarity. Hell's gatekeepers drops them on rare occasions and they are also found in chests in rank 6 grottos one percent of the time. Hela's hammer is a normal, if exceptionally powerful, weapon in IX that grants no bonuses to critical hit frequency.

Alchemy can be used to turn it in to a:

Other languages

Other languages
French Marteau de Hela
German Hammer der Hela
Spanish Martillo de Hela
Italian Martello di Hela
Dutch Unknown
Swedish Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown
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