Heliodor is a city in Dragon Quest XI. One of the five crown cities of Erdrea, it is the seat of its namesake kingdom. Located at the centre of the known world, it is one of the most prosperous and mightiest of states.

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As the capital of the Heliodor region, the city is well-populated. The player is introduced to several basic functions including using an inn and readable books here. Heliodor is divided into several districts, including the upper-class district nearer to the castle, and downtown.

Downtown Heliodor is noted as a hangout for thieves and other shady characters. The solitary street is lined with ramshackle buildings and pavilions. A single gate prevents downtown residents from crossing into the main city, but the guard is seen to be easily bribed and distracted.

The city boasts a network of sewers that can be used to enter and exit without being noticed. The sewer network leads into the castle dungeons. During the events of the story, monsters

Plot significance


"Heliodor" has Greek roots, and may translate as "gift of the sun". Heliodor is also a type of yellow gemstone; sharing a crystalline theme with its king, Carnelian; its princess, Jade, and its resident tactician, Jasper.

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