Hellfire is a recurring breath attack in the Dragon Quest series.


Dragon Quest VII

Making its debut as the strongest fire breath skill, it deals 210-250 fire damage to all enemies. It is learned by the Druid vocation at Rank 5 (Rank 6 in the 3DS remake) and Rank 8 of the Prism peacock. It is also used by the Birds of terrordise in the Cathedral of Blight's Hellfire Hollow, and the Demon King's nemesis.

Dragon Quest IX

While absent from VIII, it reappears in IX once again being used by the Birds of Terrordise and Orgodemir, but is also used by various Legacy Bosses (Dragonlord, Malroth, Baramos, Estark, Nimzo, Murdaw, Mortamor, Nokturnus, Dhoulmagus and Rhapthorne).

Dragon Quest X

Acting the same as in its previous appearances, it is once again used by Baramos and Nokturnus, while also being used by Antero in his Dragon forme, the Soul of Baramos, King Dominus in his Demon King forme, Gelzark, Jamirus, the Tomahanger, and Clockwyrms, as well as the Birds of terrordise, Nokturnus, and Baramos once again. It can also be used by players from the late 3.1 onwards, being learned by recruited Hacksauruses. It costs 18 MP to use and has a charge time of 30-35 seconds for the first use, and 50 seconds for all uses after the second use, while hitting enemies for around 680 damage. From 3.2 onwards, its charge time is 50 seconds for all uses and its damage output is increased from 500 to around 680 damage to 700 damage. In the late 3.2 update recruited Small fries can learn it as well. It can also be learned by Druids by investing 180 skill points into their skill tree and costs 28 MP for them to use.

Dragon Quest XI

While not appearing the game until the Definitive Edition, it is one possible action for Penny pinchers to use after scanning the area. The skill itself is used by the Timewyrm, once again hitting enemies for a lot of damage, with the added effect of decreasing their attack by one level.

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