Helmunaptra is a castle and surrounding kingdom in Dragon Quest V set in the desert. It has an Egyptian theme, is the location of the Zenithian helmet and is ruled over by Queen Cleohatra.

If the Hero visits the place before his children are born, Cleohatra will ask him to try on the Zenithian helmet. When she realizes he is not the legendary hero she will take the helmet back. Only when the Hero visits her with his son will she give up the helmet.


  • It is hinted that the town of Helmunaptra is the result of the Immigrant Town built by Hank Hoffman Jr. and the Hero of Dragon Quest IV.
  • Helmunaptra was named so because it contained the Zenithian helmet. "Helmun" sounds similar to Helmet.
  • "Cleohatra" is a pun on Cleopatra.
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