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The Hero/Heroine of Dragon Quest III is the son/daughter of Ortega who is sent to destroy the Archfiend Baramos before he can destroy the world. Unexpectedly, they will find their quest expanding beyond their wildest expectations and will take on unexpected challenges before reuniting with their father. Upon their journey's end, the Hero/Heroine is given the title "Erdrick".


The Male Hero has a tall frame with a slender build. He wears a blue tunic over a yellow shirt with matching pants, which come adorned with a brown belt. He wears his sword's scabbard on his back, strapped across his chest. He also has a purple cape around his neck and shoulders. He has brown gloves protecting his hands and brown boots. His most noticeable feature is his large spikey upright brown hair, while wearing a silver headpiece adorned with a green jewel. For equipment, he carries a large one handed golden sword and a silver shield with the emblem of a dragon with two crossing swords.

The Female Hero's appearance is similar to the Male Hero's in terms of design. She wears the same blue tunic with yellow clothes, along with brown gloves, boots and cape. She also uses the same sword and shield as the Male Hero does. Noticeably, she is a head shorter than the Male Hero, with a lighter frame. Her hair is different that his, being shorter and more wild while remaining just as spikey. Unlike her male counterpart, her ears are decorated with small green earings.


Keeping with Dragon Quest tradition, The Hero/Heroine is a silent protagonist, they have no actual lines of dialogue, their personality is dictated by the player, though they are often praised and celebrated for their courage and heroism, being pillars of goodness and bravery, taking on impossible tasks and coming out on top through many hardships and tribulations.

What makes them different from most Dragon Quest heroes, is that in the GBC and SNES versions, their personalities are tested by the Ruler Of Everything. They are asked a series of question by the disembodied voice before being taken to one of several scenarios. How they act through the scenario will dictate their personality. They have several possible personalities attributed to them afterwards, ranging from positive ones such as being valiant, diligent, fearless, agile, smart, lucky, among others, to less positive ones such as cowardly, stubborn, lazy, helpless, naive, selfish, etc. Some personalities are even gender exclusive, for example, only the Female Hero can have the sexy personality. It should also be mentioned that these personalities affect only the stat growth of the Hero, not any dialogue in game or even the story.


Main Games

Dragon Quest III

The Hero is born in the castle town of Aliahan to Ortega and an unnamed mother. He or she lives in Aliahan along with his or her mother and grandfather until they are 16. The Game begins on the morning of the hero's 16th birthday, where they are woken by their mother, who informs them that the king has summoned them to the palace. Once there, the king commands them to go on a quest to slay the Archfiend Baramos and save the world from destruction.

They are then instructed to visit Patty's Party Planning Place, where they assemble a brave group of warriors of all different kinds of classes. The group once ready then sets off to bring peace and prosperity to the land as well as uncover what became of the Hero's father, Ortega.


The Hero learns a mix of Priest and Mage spells, often learning them much later than either class, but they also learn some unique spells. The Hero's MP growth is rather weak and they won't be able to cast many spells in the beginning of the game they won't be able to do much, ussually just reserved for attacking and only using magic when other party members are out of MP.

Dragon Quest III (GBC/SNES) 
Spell Level Learned
Recall 1
Blaze 2
Heal 4
Expel 6
Return 7
Remember 8
Fireball 10
Ironize 12
Outside 14
Forget 15
Sleep 16
StopSpell 18
Repel 19
Recollect 20
Firebane 23
Zap 26
Healmore 29
Boom 31
Healall 33
Vivify 35
HealUsAll 38
Thordain 41

Other appearances

Super Smash Bros series

The Hero of Dragon Quest III is an alternate costume for the DLC character, the Hero in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


  • The hero is not able to change classes like other characters in the game. In the original NES version of the game, the Hero/Heroine must always be in the party. In remakes, this requirement is removed after defeating Zoma.
  • In Dragon Quest Heroes, it is possible to unlock outfits for Aurora and Luceus that are similar to the Hero/Heroine's outfit.
  • The Hero has many descendants, including The Hero and The Three Heroes from Dragon Quest II.
  • Despite being able to choose between a male or female hero, the game often still reffers to the Hero as "he", even if the player has chosen the female one. This has lead to a running joke that the female Hero is constantly mistaken for boy. The smartphone version of the game makes refferance to this when the female Hero talks to the King of Aliahan.
  • Interestingly, the Hero starts the game by being woken up by their mother before going on their quest, similarly, this would be the same scenario of Chrono, the hero of Chrono Trigger, a game by Squaresoft (who would later merge with Enix (The publishers of the early Dragon Quest games) to make Square Enix) whose artstyle was also drawn by Akira Toriyama.


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