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The Hero/Heroine in Dragon Quest IV is an 18-year-old (originally 17 in the NES version) man or woman prophesied to defeat the Lord of the Underworld Estark and save the world from the rising tide of monsters. As the only individual able to wear the Zenithian Equipment, they are the only person in the world capable of doing this, putting him in direct opposition with Psaro, who instead wished to awaken Estark to purge the world from humanity, having deemed it irredeemably corrupt.

Uncommon in the Dragon Quest series, even in its earliest version IV allows the player to choose their character's gender as well as their name (similar to III, IX and X).

Their name is up to the player, a Dragon Quest staple, although the male default name in the NES version is Solo and the female one is Sofia. No default names are given in the other versions, but the name Solo was later re-used in Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince.


The Hero wears a green tunic with a white shirt and white pants, adorned with a belt with a blue gem. His Zenithian Helm is decorated with a blue gem in the center and two wings which appear to be dragon like in design. He carries the scabbard of the Zenithian Sword on his waist behind his back and his shield strapped on his right shoulder. He has both his ears pierced, with Slime Earrings on both of them. He has long flowing green hair that reaches his mid back. He has a medium build, being tall but not too muscular.

The Heroine wears what appears to be a leotard, which covers both her left arm and leg. She wears blue leg warmers covered by her boots. Like the Hero, she has long green hair, but hers is curly and appears to cover the wings on her Zenithian Helm (if it does have any at all.) She also has her ears pierced with Slime Earrings and has bracelets on both her wrists. She carries the Zenithian Sword's scabbard on her right shoulder and wields her shield on her left arm.

Despite their almost pure Zenithian descendancy, neither the Hero nor the Heroine possess wings like pureblooded Zenithians do, a trait that is often remarked when comparing them to the latters, and that also has never presented itself within their descendants long bloodlines.


In the tradition of Dragon Quest games, the Hero/Heroine, are silent protagonists, their personalities are only stated by other characters around them and how they react towards their actions.

In the beginning, the Protagonists appeared to be rather sheltered. They knew nothing of the world outside their village as their upbringing had to be kept a secret from Psaro at all costs.

After the massacre of their home village, they slowly began the journey towards becoming a full hero, and were taught by the people around them on the ways of the world. By the end of the story, they had become fully matured and accepted the burden placed on them by being the Chosen Hero.

Bits and pieces of their personality are revealed by the people they meet on their travels.

From Eliza and Maya we learn they are quite naïve, given the fact they are easily tricked by Eliza's shapeshifting and her teasing them for it and that they know next to nothing about gambling, which is Maya's favorite pastime. Alena reveals they love fighting and training, as such, the two of them get along very well.

As all Dragon Quest protagonists, the Hero/Heroines are brave, loyal, reliable and won't shy away from their duties when the world is at stake, going far and wide to help those in need and refusing to let injustice go unpunished and evil run amok while they can do something about it.

In the sixth chapter of the story, the Hero/Heroine are even able to put aside their differences and allow their supposed nemesis, Psaro himself, into joining their party, having realized that the latter's hatred towards humanity was not out of malice or wickedness, but born out of a misguided desire to better the world, as well as that he had been manipulated by Aamon's deception.


Dragon Quest IV[]

On one starry night, a Zenithian woman descended, or rather fell, from the sky castle of Zenithia without permission from the Zenith Dragon. She subsequently fell in love with a human man, a woodcutter, and together they produced a half-human, half-Zenithian child - the Hero. Shortly after the child's birth, the Hero's father died when the Zenithian God ordered his execution by lightning strike and the Hero's mother was punished by returning to Zenithia, separated from her child for, according to the Zenithian's law, it was forbidden for a human and a Zenithian to become a couple. The hero's father was buried next to the woodcutter's home where the Hero's grandfather lived.

Aware of the extraordinary destiny awaiting the child, the Hero was then brought up by two loving foster parents in a small village near the woodcutter's hut, to be protected by the denizens of the settlement until they came of age. They grew up alongside their childhood friend, Eliza, and proceeds to train with a master swordsman regularly. However, the Hero's peaceful existence wasn't to last; eventually, Psaro and his minions discovered the secretive village and assaulted it with the objective of assassinating the eighteen-year-old. They slaughtered all the villagers who stood in their way, including Eliza, who died whilst masquerading as the Hero with her Morph spell. Thinking that they had defeated the real Hero, the minions of Psaro left the ruins of the village. The Hero, after witnessing the savage devastation of their home, leaves to embrace their destiny as a hero.

During his travels, the Hero, guided by the invisible hand of the Goddess, encountered the seven other "Chosen", and formed a group with the goal to stop Psaro's misguided plan to resurrect the Lord of the Underworld Estark and make use of the Secret of Evolution to destroy humanity. After defeating the newly reawekened Lord of the Underworld, the Hero and their companions went on a quest to retrieve all the pieces of the Zenithian equipment which they needed to gain access to Zenithia, the fabled castle in the sky. The Zenithian helm was given by the king of Canalot, the Zenithian shield was given by the queen of Femiscyra, the Zenithian armour was retrived from a semi-submerged cave by the sea, and finally the mighty Zenithian sword was found among the boughs of Yggdrasil.

After speaking with the Zenith Dragon, the Hero and the other Chosen traveled to Nadiria and battled Psaro, who had gone mad with grief over the loss of his lover Rose, transforming himself with the Secret of Evolution into a monster, eventually defeating him. Following the celebrations at Zenithia, during their return journey, after dropping the rest of the Chosen off at their respective homes, the Hero returned to their destroyed village and saw a miracle taking place, Eliza being resurrected. They hugged then began to walking towards the village entrance as they were greeted by the other Chosen.

In the sixth chapter of the story, set shorlty before their confrontation with the transformed Psaro, history takes a slighty different turn, as the Hero and their party heard word of a legendary bloom of the world tree Yggdrasil that could fully revive the dead. Setting out to find said bloom, the Chosen then used it to revive the unjustly slain Rose. Aware that she was in truth murdered at the orders of Aamon, one of Psaro supposedly loyal subordinates, she bravely insisted that she would accompany the group to Nadiria to stop her lover's madness.

When she confronted the hideous form Psaro had taken, the Secret of Evolution was undone by Rose's magical tears and Psaro was returned to sanity. After being informed of Aamon's conspiracy and deeply grateful to the Chosen for having saved both Rose and him, Psaro joined the Chosen in their mission to slay the scheaming demon, in the process beginning to soften ever-so-slighty his views regarding humanity. After Aamon was defeated for good, the Master of Monsterkind decided to forsake his crusade and abbandon his position of leader, quietly retiring to live alongside Rose, and not joining the rest of the Chosen in their visit to Zenithia, fully aware that he wouldn't be accepted here. Psaro was however confident that one day he may meet again with the Hero and the rest of the Chosen, although he couldn't say for sure if it would have been as friends or foes.

Afterwards, like in the original events, the hero reunited with Eliza.

Dragon Quest V[]

Several centuries after their death, the legend of the Hero and their heroic exploits in defeating Estark, are still widely remembered by the world, with the settlement of Helmunaptra having been funded by one of their companions in order to protect the Zenithian helm. Unfortunately, the diabolic Order of Zugzwang, in secret had hunted down and wiped out most of the blood descendants of the Hero, due to the fear that a new Legendary Hero could rise to destroy their master, Grandmaster Nimzo, current ruler of Nadiria and last of Aamon's disciples.

By the time of Dragon Quest V, only three descendants of the original Legendary Hero, all young maidens, remained alive. Fortunately, as if it was destiny, one of these maidens would end up marring the Hero, a mighty man from Gotha who already had personally suffered great loss and pain in his life due to the Order's nefarious actions, and was on a quest to defeat them once and for all. Together, the two newlyweds eventually gave birth to the new Legendary Hero, who alongside his twin sister and the rest of his family, would vanquish Grandmaster Nimzo, finally avenging all the wrongs done against his family by the demon with his schemes.

Dragon Quest VI[]

Long before their birth, the Hero appeared on Reaper's Peak if "the near future" option is chosen for the town's residents. Both the male and female versions appeared individually. The male version appeared alongside Eliza and was too engrossed with her to speak with the new hero, while the female version explained the intricacies of the dream sharing feature.

Other Appearances[]

Dragon Quest Rivals[]

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Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi![]

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Super Smash Bros. series[]


The Hero of Dragon Quest IV is an alternate costume for the DLC character, the Hero in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai - Xross Blade[]

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Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince[]

The Hero, going by the name of Solo, like the other Chosen, made a reappearence in this title.


In this version of events, Duffer and Eileen, who after trying to locate the hero for quite a while, finally managed to locate Hidden Valley's village, and accompanied Psaro to investigate the location and capture the hero, while all three were disguised as humans thanks to the spell Morph. However, after spending a night at the local inn, the settlement was not attacked and destroyed the following morning by the Manslayer himself and his forces, but by Dolph, his older, far crueler brute of a half-brother. Claiming to be Psaro himself, Dolph threatened the villagers to relinquish Solo, only to order his own troops to slay them all when they refused.

The real Psaro and his friend could only hide and watch as Eliza, disguised as Solo with Morph, challenged Dolph's army, having shortly before accompanied the real Solo to a safe place, Psaro held back from interferring by his worried subjects; after her tragic end, the real Manslayer was able to guess, unlike his duller brother, that the slain hero was a fake, only to be interrupted by the arrival of Aamon and his assistant Furgil, who then, while floating out of reach, goaded Psaro to step up his plan, and wipe out all of humankind.

Solo, exiting from his hiding place just then, could only see Psaro move away from the scene with his two subjects.


The Hero has extremely high stats, especially in the HP and Strength areas.


The Hero is the only character capable of using lightning spells such as Zap. He/she was also able to learn the Morph spell at Level 30 in the NES Version.

Dragon Quest IV (DS) 
Spell Level Learnt
Poof 1
Heal 4
Frizz 5
Midheal 7
Zoom 9
Sizz 11
Holy Protection 12
Evac 13
Kasnooze 16
Cock-a-doodle-doo 17
Snub 20
Kaclang 21
Boom 24
Zap 25
Fullheal 27
Zing 28
Omniheal 32
Kazap 35
Kazapple 37
Hocus Pocus 39
Gigasword 50


  • The Male Hero's default name, Solo, means "to be alone", "unaccompanied" in Spanish, an ironic name, given how the whole game revolves around getting a party together. The Female Hero's name, Sofia, means wisdom in Greek.
  • Interestingly, all visual rappresentation of the male version of the Hero, from official artwork, to the game sprites, depicts him already wearing the Zenithian helm, even before he actually obtained said piece of equipment.
  • In Dragon Quest V, the Dragon Quest IV Hero is primarily remembered for vanquishing Estark rather than stopping either Psaro or Aamon. This may be to avoid establishing either of the two possible endings of Dragon Quest IV as "the canonical one", but it also makes sense on account that:
    • Estark was already a well established massive threat, with the world being in serious fear that the Lord of the Underworld of old could re-awaken, because everybody was well aware that his savage nature would have inevitably led to the extinction of all life.
    • By comparison, Psaro and Aamon were both pretty relatively obscure among humankind, with Aamon in particular being a complete unknown, and either way, regardless of the ending of choice, they were both stopped before they could actually cause widespread destruction across the world, leading to the world to naturally largely forget about them
  • Near were the Hidden Valley, where the Hero was raised, once stood, a Woodcutter's cabin can be found. Due to the presence of a gravestone in the outside yard, it's heavily implied that the Dwarf-looking man inside the cabin is actually the Hero's biological paternal grandfather.
    • Furthermore, should the grandfather's looks be considered legit (being pretty consistent across the different versions of Dragon Quest IV) it would mean that the hero is actually at least 1⁄4 of Dwarf descendancy.
  • In one of the chambers of Zenithia, a Zenithian woman can be interacted with. At first glance her dialogue seems just to imply that she knowns of the Hero's long-lost mother; however during a missable party chat with Ragnar during the visit of Zenithia after defeating the final boss. either Psaro or Aamon, the warrior of Burland will state that the Zenithian woman has a physical resemblace to the youth, subtly implying alongside her overemotional demeanor that she herself is in fact the hero's mother and she is just keeping the fact a secret for some unspecified reason.
  • In X, both male and female hero and heroine's outfits are available as Chest and Leg armor.
  • Curiously enough, in the artworks, the Male Hero's sword appears to be heavier and thicker, resembling a scimitar, while the Female Hero's sword seems to be thinner and lighter like a broadsword.
  • Unlike the Heroes from V and VI, the Dragon Quest IV hero are not of royal blood, being the only ones who are so in the Zenithian Trilogy. They however have a psedo-divine origin, a pedigree which is arguably even more amazing then the above two.





Other languages[]

Other languages
German Solo (M)
Sofia (F)
Dutch Unknown
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