Hero of Dragon Quest is a descendant of the Erdrick who has set out to rid the kingdom of Alefgard of the evil tyranny of the dreaded Dragonlord.


The hero is dressed appropriately for combat, donning a blue Full Plate Armor, a helm that superficially resembles the helmet of Ortega with an added pony-tail, a large circular shield embedded with a red jewel in its center (possibly a ruby), and an impressively sized claymore sheathed at his side.


Setting the narrative standard for all other Dragon Quest protagonists to follow, the Hero is mostly silent, only communicating in answers of 'Yes' and 'No'. Other characters in the story will answer as if he speaks to them in conversation. This was a decision made by series creator Yuji Horii to help draw the player into the world of Alefgard on a more personal level, rather than viewing the events of the game as an observer.

He does, however, have one line of dialogue by the end of the game.


Main Games

Dragon Quest

Dragon Quest II

After leaving Alefgard, the Hero ended up founding three kingdoms in the land of Torland: Midenhall, Cannock, and Moonbrooke. His grandchildren, the Prince of Midenhall, the Prince of Cannock, and the Princess of Moonbrooke, would follow in his footsteps as heroes to defeat the evil Hargon.


Dragon Quest Builders

The setting of Builders is a hypothetical world where the Hero chose to accept the Dragonlord's offer of ruling half the world. Several characters ponder aloud as to why such a man would descend into darkness, but the game leaves it to players to speculate for themselves. The fallen Hero is encountered in person in the fourth chapter as a boss, with the epitaph Fallen Hero--The King of Darkness. Perhaps most tragically is that the Builder will see crude tents scattered in front of the grounds before his keep--Goddess only knows how many people prayed for their hero to return in vain.

Far from being the equal to the Dragonlord, the Hero has been reduced to a cackling lunatic cloistered away in a small fortress near Alefgard, which has been given the ironic name of "Half of the World," which makes the Dragonlord's offer technically correct. He believes himself to be the true king of the world, and declares that the penalty for the Builder invading his "realm" shall be death. During battle he is armed with his original copies of the Sword of Kings and Hero's shield, and can perform a spin attack. He has just enough sense left to taunt the Builder during their skirmish, and will summon monsters to aid him when his health drops to half and 1/4th. When beaten, he flees and is never seen again.



The Hero from Dragon Quest Builders.

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