Hero is the male protagonist and playable character of Builders. Resurrected by the goddess Rubiss and suffering from amnesia, the hero is the last person left in Alefgard who has the power to create new things and is tasked with rebuilding the ruined world around him.


The Hero wears a blue tunic with a red scarf, black undershirt, white pants and leather gloves and boots as well as a belt adorned with a sleeping roll and water skin (representing Wayfarer's clothes) He also wears a blue Phrygian cap with large goggles on top. He is shown equipped with a Hammerhood's giant mallet.

In Builders, the player can perform basic character customization such as changing the hair, eye and skin colour of the hero or heroine.


The Hero is curt and informal when addressing his fellow citizens, and even when communing with Rubiss herself. One such instance of this is upon first meeting Myrlund, the Hero opts to address him as "Gramps".

He has a noticeably carefree attitude, often telling others not to worry about their concerns and also is initially disinterested in the larger plight of Alefgard, professing that he would rather build than fight monsters. Over the course of Builders, the Hero's attitude changes and he chooses to do more than simply build, challenging his very destiny.

The Hero appears inattentive and dim-witted to the citizens of Alefgard, who often remark on his vacant stare or overestimation of his own skills.



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The Hero is a distant descendant of the hero Erdrick from the original Dragon Quest games, and prior to the events of Builders was killed by a horde of monsters and left in a shallow and open grave. The Hero was then found and revived by the goddess Rubiss, who blessed him with the ability to create - a power that humans lost when the Dragonlord plunged the world in to ruin.

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  • In the North American/European demo of Builders, the default character name for the Hero is Bildrick. This is likely a mixture of the word "build" which informs the game's premise, and "Erdrick" the legendary hero of the first three Dragon Quest games.
  • The Hero's Phrygian cap, tunic, blond hair and blue eyes make him resemble Link from the Legend of Zelda series.
  • The character is inside a dream of another Builder with an unknown name, working on Tantegel Castle.
  • He is told that the holy energy injected into him by Rubiss (Goddess) is exhausted, and is given a little more to have a final feast and conversation with the residents in Tantegel, turning out to his death afterwards.
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