The Hero of Dragon Quest II is a descendant of Erdrick who responds to the sudden rising threat of Hargon. The Prince of Midenhall, he is the only Dragon Quest main hero who doesn't possess any magical ability.


The Hero wears blue for the most part, though the goggles that rest on his helmet are brown. His sword is typical aside from the hand cover built into the hilt, and his shield is adorned with Erdrick's symbol.


Even though the Hero is a silent protagonist and his personality is open for the player to define, a strong sense of justice can be seen in the beginning of the game, as he sets out to stop Hargon and his Children without so much as a "But thou must" question from the King.

Although the Hero is the only nameable character, he remains equal in stature with his 2 companions in Dragon Quest II, the Prince of Cannock and the Princess of Moonbrooke. All 3 are descendants of Erdrick. This varies from other games in the series where only the hero is of notable birth compared to his party companions.



Main Games

Dragon Quest II

The Prince of Middenhall is the first person that the player controls in the game, responding to news of Hargon's assault on Moonbrooke by setting out to assemble his cousins and take the fight to the mad priest's citadel in the frozen plateau of Rendarak.

Dragon Quest Builders 2

While he does not appear in the game physically, he is mentioned several times with his cousins by various characters, Hargon, his Children, and even the amnesiac Malroth. His clothing can be obtained after the Builder exchanges a certain amount of Mini medals to the Hairy Hermit.

Dragon Quest Monsters+

The Prince appears as a main character during Kleo's venture into Rendarak. He saves the lad from Batmandrills and is astonished that a human can consider monsters as his allies. The Prince displays astounding superhuman strength, breaking through stone barriers and manhandling massive monsters.


  • He is the only main hero in the series who cannot use magic of any kind.
  • Like many of the main heroes in the series, he is a silent protagonist.
  • He can reach a maximum level of 50.
  • In the Japanese version of the game, he is depicted as the tallest of the cousins.
  • In the artwork for the American NES version of the game, he is still wearing Erdrick's signature blue armor, but the shield had been changed from blue to red.


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