Hero is the main character of V. Like all protagonists in the Dragon Quest series, the player provides him with a name of his or her choosing.


The Hero of Dragon Quest V is regularly depicted in a purple turban and shroud with a white tunic underneath and an oaken staff held in his left hand (right hand in the DS version). Like his father, he has long, jet-black hair which he keeps in a ponytail at all times. It is often commented during the game that he has the same eyes as his mother, along with her ability to communicate with monsters.


Though the Hero is a silent protagonist (as is tradition in Dragon Quest games), he appears to have some semblance of a personality as illustrated through in-game dialogue with party members and his own family. The Hero is stoic and displays a strong, silent sense of dignity in his endeavors. He is fully devoted to his relationships, be it his family or his friends, staying with Prince Harry for the 10 long years they were forced into slavery while not once resenting the young Prince for what happened to his father. As a husband he is extremely devoted to his wife, often going out of his way to keep her safe during his quest (even when, in Debora's case, she treats him more like a slave then a husband) going as far as dropping all his responsibilities to his kingdom to go rescue his wife after she was kidnapped by Kon the Knight despite being advised not to do so alone. As a father, the Hero is protective of his children and has a deep bond with them; interestingly enough, their journey mirrors the one the Hero himself took with his own father years before. He is said to be a righteous king, governing fairly and well loved by his people.

There is something to be said about his courage. Since the age of 6, the Hero was already undertaking monumental quests without wavering; he is unshakable in the face of adversity, which is often commented by NPC's. He is also a fairly intelligent individual, managing to pass the Gothan rite of passage despite it's maze like appearance. He has an uncompromising sense of justice, helping everyone he comes across during his journey and doing right by them. He often goes through extreme trials and comes out on top, never faltering or wavering in his dedication to find his mother and restore balance to the world. Even when it seems things are at their darkest, the Hero will always persevere through sheer strength of character.



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The hero was just 6 years old in the first arc of the game, 16 years old in the beginning of the second arc due to the 10 year time skip. Interestingly, he turned 20 by the end of second arc of the story because it was revealed that 20 years had passed since the Hero's mother had been abducted. Then he was turned to stone for 8 years, meaning he is 28 years old but with a 20 year old physical body. Physically, he his rather tall with a muscular build, a stark contrast to when he was younger, as he was rather small (smaller then Bianca) and appeared quite frail.

Unlike a majority of Dragon Quest games, which focus on the chosen one destined to strike down evil, Dragon Quest V tells the story of the individual who guides and aids this chosen one, making for a unique experience. The player also has the choice of having the Hero marry and later have children with either Bianca or Nera, or, in the DS remake, Debora. Because of this setup, the game follows the Hero over a period of 20 years, another unique element.

The story begins with the Hero aboard a ship, waking from what appeared to be a dream where he is born to a strong king and his queen, though Pankraz, his dad, dimisses it as just a dream. Upon arrival to harbor, the Hero and his father (In the DS version) meet the owner of the ship they were travelling in, Mr.Briscoletti and his daughters Nera and Debora. After disembarking the ship, they make their way to the village of Whealbrook, where the two of them live with Pankraz's assistant, Pancho, after being gone for two years on a quest. Upon arrival they discover that they visitors in the form of Mrs.Withtaker and her daughter Bianca, who came to Whealbrook to find medicine for her sick husband, Whitey. While the adults talk bellow, Bianca takes the Hero upstairs and attempts to read him a story, where she reveals that she used to take care of him when he was a baby. Suddenly her mom calls her down as they have to go get the medicine but it appears that the man they sent to go get it as gone missing inside a cave, as such, the young Hero takes matters into his own hands and ventures into the cave and successful rescues him all by himself (despite being only 6 years old.) In the morning, Pankraz volunteers to take Bianca and her mother back to their home village in Roundbeck.

Upon arrival, Bianca takes the Hero for a tour of the town, where they come across two bullies who are abusing a small Sabercat cub. Bianca tries to stand up for the poor cub but the bullies are not willing to relent unless the two can prove their bravery by entering the Uptaten Towers at night and expelling the ghosts that live there. The duo accept the challenge, since Pankraz accepted Mrs. Withtaker's invitation to stay the night at the inn, so during the night, the sneak out of the inn and make their way into the towers to complete the quest. Upon entering the tower, the two are asked to remove the evil monsters in the tower by the Countess so that the ghost residents can rest peacefully. After a particularly grueling quest, the two of them manage to expel the monsters, as a reward, the Count and the Countess bestow the duo the Golden Orb, which unbeknownst to them, would be extremely important for the events to come.

When the morning comes, word spreads that the Hero and Bianca alone were able to drive away the monsters from the towers despite their young age, the bullies then have no choice but to give the duo the Sabercat cub, which Bianca names for the Hero and then offers it to him as her parents wouldn't allow her to keep it for herself. Pankraz in the meantime has recovered from the cold he had caught from Whitey and as such the two of them are going to return to Whealbrook, but not before Bianca can say her goodbyes to the Hero and asks him to take her on another quest someday when they meet again.

When arriving in town again, there appears to be talk of a stranger who has arrived. The stranger highly resembles the Hero only older, when he approaches the young Hero he asks him to see his Golden Orb and after doing so, he instructs the Hero to take care of his father. All over town strange events seem to be taking place with the fact that while it should be spring, it's still as cold as winter. After a bit of searching, the Hero finds that the culprit for the mischief going around town was a Faerie called Honey, who was trying to get people's attention but unfortunately could not be seen by anyone. She came to this realm in search of a champion who could help her save Faerie Lea, the home of the Faeries. She takes the Hero to said realm to meet the Faerie ruler, Treacle, who asks him to recover their most precious artifact, the Herald of Spring, a flute that can summon the spring time and banish the cold winter that has befallen the land.

After defeating the culprit behind the theft of the Herald of Spring, the Hero returns to Treacle who uses it to bring the spring to the human realm. The Treacle then promises him that when he's older, he can return to the Faerie Lea and she will grant him whatever favor he needs of her and after saying his goodbye to Honey he is brought back to his home in Whealbrook. 

Upon arrival he is informed by Sancho that his father was called to Coburg by the king so the Hero decides to follow him. After stopping for a little father/son bonding, the two of them arrive in the castle and the Hero is given the chance to go explore and meet the prince, Harry. During their first meeting, the little prince's attitude leaves a bad first impression as he is little more then a spoiled brat, ordering the Hero around and acting superior towards him due to his status. It is then then a group of thugs storms the castle through a secret passageway and kidnaps Harry, leaving behind the Hero, Pankraz soon follows after giving them chase to rescue him with the Hero in tow. Upon arriving to the dungeon where Harry was taken, they discover that a child kidnapping ring, where all the members of noble houses are being taken away by Grandmaster Nimzo's minions as to prevent the coming of the Legendary Hero. After rescuing the prince, he once again displays his arrogance and smugness, only to be struck by Pankraz, who teaches him that his demeanor is not correct and that he will only end up pushing everyone away if he keeps following this path, words that Harry takes to heart.

However when they are trying to leave the dungeon, Ladja, Grandmaster Nimzo's top servant arrives and cuts off the exit while it's in reach. Ladja quickly strikes down the Hero and Harry along with the Sabercat cub. It is then that Pankraz arrives and displaying his enormous strength is able to quickly dispatch Ladja's underlings without breaking a sweat. But it is then that Ladja grabs the unconscious Hero and threatens to slit his throat should Pankraz not put his weapon down, he complies. Ladja then takes advantage of this and has his minions attacks him viciously, beating him down to his knees. With his last breath and strength, he reaches the Hero (even though he is unconscious) and informs him that his mother is still alive somewhere out there and that to find her, he needs to gather the Zenithian Equipment and the Legendary Hero to rescue her. Ladja then mercilessly cast a Kaboom spell, completely decimating Pankraz, killing him, Ladja then takes the golden orb from the Hero and smashes it to pieces.

Following Pankraz's death, the Hero and Harry are sold into slavery and are forced to build a temple for the Order of Zugzwag, a cult that worships Grandmaster Nimzo, where they remain for 10 long years. One certain day, the Hero and Harry witness a woman being whipped mercilessly for getting one of the slave driver's shoes dirty, the two of them jump in to save her and after defending the girl, they get thrown into a jail cell. A guard opens their cell and quietly tells them to follow him, he reveals that he is the brother of Maria, the girl the duo saved earlier, he offers them a chance to escape inside a barrel (as the slaver drivers were using barrels to get rid of the bodies of slaves who would die and as such no one would suspect the barrel to have someone alive in it) as long as they take Maria with them. After drifting for a while, the barrel arrives at the Abbey of the Aboveall, where the party finds a chance to rest, the Hero then awakes after sleeping for 5 days and along with Harry, he witnesses Maria being accepted into the order. The Hero then prepares to go out into the world and find his mother, Harry follows him as he has no direction in life anymore.

The party arrives in the town of Fortuna, where they are approached by a fortune teller who reading the Hero's fortune, she tells him that the woman he is looking for (his mother) is still alive and that he has to head north. Doing so they arrive in the ruins of Whealbrook, who has been devasted in the 10 years the Hero has been gone, the two then go the local cave and after exploring it they come across the Zenithian Sword, left there by Pankraz years ago along with a letter, pleading him once more to search for the Legendary Hero and the Zenithian Equipment so that he can rescue his mother, revealing that she has mysterious powers that are coveted by the forces of Nadiria and as such is probably the reason she was taken from them. The Hero himself tries to use the sword, but it drains him of any strength he had, showing he is not the Legendary Hero.

The party then travels to Roundbeck, only to find that Bianca's family no longer owns the inn and that things seem to have taken a turn for the worse in Coburg after Harry went missing, his half brother took up the throne after his father passed away and the queen has been running the town into the ground. As such, Harry pleads to the Hero to return to Coburg to try and sort things out. Arriving in town, the group finds out that queen Dowager has been hiring shady mercenaries to serve as the army, raising taxes to pay for them while making the population suffer while Wilbur (the king and Harry's half brother) is little more then just a puppet to her plans. Infiltrating the castle through a hidden passage, the group finds the queen in a jail cell and after meeting with Wilbur they are tasked with finding a magic mirror that can show the true form of whoever it reflects. So they depart to find the item locked away in a tower, enlisting the help of Maria, they group is able to enter the tower and retrieve the Mirror of Ra and bringing it to Coburg castle they find out that the queen is actually a doppelganger and in actuality a monster. After defeating it, Harry decides to stay behind and help Wilbur rule the land fairly, saying his goodbyes to the Hero after 10 years and advises him to take a ship towards Littlehaven to continue his journey to find his mother. 

Arriving in Littlehaven, the Hero stops by a pub where he witnesses a farmer from a neighboring village being harassed by the bar patrons and jumps in to defend him. After doing so, the villager reveals he came to town to find someone that can help his village get rid of the monster that is terrorizing it, so he enlists the help of the Hero to accomplish said feat. Arriving at the cave where the beast is hidden, the Hero fights to reach it only to find out it's a feral Sabercat, using the ribbon Bianca had given the Hero years ago, the Sabercat remembers the scent and it's revealed it's the same Sabercat cub that traveled with the Hero when he was a child, it then gives the Hero Pankraz's sword that he kept all these years. Returning to the village of Hay, the Hero is accused of being the one behind the attacks and is kicked out of the village.

The party then arrives in Zoomingdale and after assisting the local professor, the Hero learns the Zoom spell, using it, the Hero returns to Coburg and finds out the Harry and Maria are now married and after a tender moment with Harry, Wilbur informs the Hero that they were able to locate the Zenithian Shield, it is in the ownership of Mr.Briscoletti, who resides in Mostroferatto. Making haste, the Hero arrives in town where he stops a runaways dog belonging to Nera Briscoletti who, unbeknownst to either of them, have met before when they were both children. When he arrives at Briscoletti manor he discovers that all the young men in town are there as well, summoned by Mr.Briscoletti, he is looking for a suitor for his daughter Nera. Debora, the oldest daughter comes downstairs, only to be brushed away by her father, he then reveals that the will only give the Zenithian shield to the man that marries Nera but to do so, the suitor has to present him with 2 relics, the rings of fire and water which are scattered all over the continent, Nera tries to dissuade the suitors from such a hard task but is taken away by her father regardless.  

After venturing inside a volcano and battling his way through, the Hero manages to retrieve the ring of fire and get's instructed by Mr. Briscoletti that the ring of water resides in a waterfall, he lends the Hero his ship so that he can sail towards, only to be stopped by a gate. Landing close to the village of Stockenbarrel, the Hero looks for a way to open said gate to resume his journey. After searching for a bit he encounters Whitey and is then reunited with Bianca after 10 years. After catching up, he tells her of his quest to find the ring of water to be able to marry Nera, a slightly disheartened Bianca agrees to help him by opening the gate but asks to come along with him to fulfill the promise he made to her to take her on an adventure when they met again, to which the Hero agrees. 

The Hero is successful in obtaining the ring of water, Bianca accompanies the Hero back to Briscoletti manor where Mr. Briscoletti then agrees to the Hero marrying Nera, but she has some reservations upon seeing Bianca. She believes Bianca has feelings for the Hero and as such it wouldn't be right for her to marry the Hero if it would mean that she would end up hating her forever. The Hero then has to ponder who he wants to marry and after visiting the bachelorettes in the night (including Debora) he has to make his choice in the morning. When morning comes, the Hero is summoned to the manor and asked to make his decision, when suddenly Debora comes down the stairs and commands the Hero to chose her for his bride (shocking her father in the process.) The Hero is then given the choice between Bianca, Nera or Debora. Whoever the players chooses will not affect the outcome of the story, just random party conversations, so he or she is free to choose any of the 3 freely. Afterwards the wedding ceremony takes place and in the morning the Hero and his wife is taken to the manor once more, where Mr. Briscoletti after being informed by Harry of the quest the Hero is embarking on, gives him the Zenithian Shield and his boat so that he can continue his journey.

He also advises the Hero to take the ship to the queendom of Helmunaptra where he can find the Zenithian Helm. Upon arriving to Helmunaptra, the Hero and his wife meet Queen Cleohatra who takes them to the Zenithian Helm, only for her to find the Hero is not the Legendary Hero, meaning she cannot part with the artifact. However, she reveals that she knew about the quest that Pankraz was undergoing and reveals to the Hero that he is in fact a prince from the far away land of Gotha and as such the Hero sets out to find his lost home. Travelling through a mountain path, the Hero and his wife eventually arrive to the town of Battenberg, there, the wife faints but this incident is brushed off as just exhaustion so the Hero spends the night by her side and in the morning the two make their way to Gotha once more passing through the mountain.

After a long trek, the couple finally arrives in Gotha where after 10 years, the Hero is reunited with Pancho and the two are taken to see Albert, the Hero's uncle and the current king. It is then that the wife faints once more and after been seen by a doctor, it's revealed she is pregnant and despite not looking like, she is very far along the pregnancy, though she agrees to just rest and stay in bed now to be able to deliver the baby safely. The Hero is then taken away from her for a bit where he is informed that to succeed to the throne, he has to undergo a ritual of passage that the house of Gotha demands. After he is proven successful and returns home, his wife is given birth and after a while it's revealed that she was in fact pregnant with twins and they are delivered safely, the Hero then names his children. However during the Hero's coronation, his wife get's kidnapped, though the children are safe after his wife instructed the nanny to take them and hide. Despite the protests by Sancho and Albert, the Hero goes after his wife no matter the cost and is able to track her down but before doing so, he leaves behind the Zenithian Sword to keep it safe. After climbing the tower where she is being held and fighting through the waves of monsters, the Hero is met face to face with Kon the Knight, one of Ladja's minions that viciously assaulted a defenseless Pankraz years before.

The Hero is able to defeat Kon with the help of his wife only then to be attacked by Grandbishop Ladja, who reveals they kidnapped the Hero's wife because she has Zenithian blood and will one day give birth to the Legendary Hero, as such he turns both the Hero and his wife into stone statues in order to prevent said birth, unbeknownst to him, the child has already been born and his safe thanks to the Hero's wife. The Hero and his wife are now petrified and cannot move, they are then taken to an auction and the Hero is sold as a statue, where he remains for 8 years. After all that time has passed, the Hero is discovered by Sancho and his own children, who restore him back to normal and he is finally able to meet his children who are now 8 years old and they have a heartfelt reunion where he finds out that his son is able to equip the Zenithian Sword that the Hero left behind all those years ago, meaning that he is the Legendary Hero his father was looking for all those years ago but wouldn't be born for years to come.

During a short detour, the Hero takes his children to Coburg to only to find out that Harry and Maria have a child they have named Kendrick, who has the same looks as his father, as well as his old snobbish personality. This event paralels the ones that happened years ago with the Hero and his father, with the father talking to the king while the child talks to the bratty prince. Afterwards the Hero takes his children to the queendom of Helmunaptra and brings his son to queen Cleohatra where she relinquishes the Zenithian Helmet to him once she sees he is the Legendary Hero she waited for. The party also takes time to stop in Mostroferatto and fend off an attack against an ancient monster. Returning to their tracks, the Hero takes his family to Lofty Peak, the birthplace of his mother to find out more about her. He is tasked with finding the ancient land of Zenithia that had disappeared a long time ago. After traversing into the old mine, the party finds a man stuck in the mine cart circuit, after releasing him he introduces himself as Dr. Agon, a scholar who is also searching for Zenithia.

With his help, the group reaches the underground ruins of the old city and they learn from him that to make the city float again they need another golden orb, the same golden orb that Ladja destroyed when he killed Pankraz. Without any other ideas, the Hero remembers that when he was a child he was promised a favor from the Faeries so he sets out with his children to open a way back into the Faerie Lea. Upon arriving the Hero and his family is greeted by Honey (who's looks have stayed the same) and after explaining to Treacle his situation she sadly tells him she cannot reproduce a full golden orb, only a golden bauble. Using the fairie's magic, the Hero takes the golden bauble and enters through a painting, said painting leads him back to the past, to when he was still a child, revealing the strange man he met when he was a kid so long ago, was in fact himself from the future. After talking to his younger self, the Hero switching the golden bauble for the young Hero's golden orb and after trying to talk his father out of going to Coburg and seeing him one last time, he heads back to his own time with the artifact in hand.

Returning to Zenithia, the Hero uses the golden orb to make the city float once more, but Dr. Agon needs one more item before everything is said and done and asks the Hero to venture into the Temple of the Dragon and retrieve the dragon, which he does so, at which point Dr.Agon uses it to reveal that he is in fact the Zenithian Dragon, a being thousands years old who has lost it's power and lived with humans until it could regain said power, now with the ability to fly above the heavens, the Hero decides it's time to go back to the temple or the Order of Zugzwag, the very same he was forced to build for 10 years. Here he finds the Zenithian Armor and is able to dismantle the Order by killing Slon the Rook, another one of Ladja's minions who helped kill Pankraz and King Korol, the leader of the order. After doing so, the party is contacted by Mada, the Hero's mother, begging him not to come to Nadiria and bestows them the ring of life, using it, they are able to bring back the Hero's wife, where the whole family finally reunites and she is able to finally meet her children.

Despite Mada's warnings, the party decides that it's time to end everything once and for all and travel to Nadiria, in the netherworld, where Mada appears to be a saint to the local villagers. After climbing through Mount Zugzwag, the group finally meets Mada for the first and final time as it turns out she was the one who was keep Grandmaster Nimzo at bay, but her power is slowly weakening and after being assured that her son and his family were up to the task of stopping the fiend, she vanishes from the netherworld and passes away before being able to even hold her child one last time. Now hellbent on setting everything right, the Hero pushes through and is able to finally destroy Ladja after all he has done. Pushing on through the mountain, they finally reach Grandmaster Nimzo and after an epic battle, they are able to finally put him down.

The Hero and his family, after so many tribulations, are able to return to Gotha where a huge celebration is being held in their honor, Pankraz and Mada watch from the beyond, proud of what their child and his family was able to accomplished and disappear happy, knowing that the future that the Hero fought so hard for is finally safe, forever.


Tale of Zenithia

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Dragon Quest V  
Spell Level Learnt
Heal 4
Squelch 6
Woosh 8
Buff 9
Midheal 11
Peep 12


  • Even though after the second timeshift the hero is 28, he is still physically 20 because he never aged while he was turned to stone. It is the same for whichever wife the Hero chooses.
  • Due to a time traveling technicality, this Hero is the only Hero from the series that speaks aloud, in both child and adult form.
  • The Hero of Dragon Quest V is the only one that is not outright a 'swordmaster', shown to wield a staff in all official art for him, whereas all other heroes are shown with swords.
  • He is also the only hero in the Zenithian Trilogy who cannot equip the Zenithian Equipment, as his son is the one to do this.
  • The default name for the hero in-game in Japanese is Abel. In the CD Theater audio drama and the official novelizations, the hero is named Luca.
  • It is worth noting that the naming of the Hero has some bearing in-game, as the start will have his father recommending the name Madason, but will quickly agree with what the mother says which is also the name chosen by the player. Interestingly, if the player chooses the name Madason then the father will recommend Erdrick instead.
  • As revealed by the in-game dialogue, he seems to have a dry sense of humor or just doesn't understand jokes altogether.
  • Harry taught the Hero how to read during their years of slavery.
  • While he is not the only playable character of royal blood in the Zenithian Trilogy, he is the highest ranked one as he is a King.
  • When he was turned into a statue, he was sold for the price of 20000 gold coins in an auction.
  • When travelling through the snowy mountain path to Gotha, it's told through in-game dialogue with Nera (if she is chosen as his wife) that his cloak is long enough to envelop the both of them to shield them from the cold.
  • The Hero showcases his Loftinian magical powers throughout the game. The Angel in Gotha even comments on them. The Hero's ability to recruit monsters, time travel, and physically travel into the dream world for an extended period of time are implied to be unique abilities from his Loftinian lineage.
  • In Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below, he is indirectly mentioned by both Bianca and Nera, who were mysteriously transported to the Dwarven settlement of Grannet in the land of Arba the night before he chooses who he will marry.


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